2014-YIR-Xfactor-Slider September 29, 2014

Since dropping down to the Challengers Division after a disappointing finish in Chicago, San Antonio X-Factor dominated the lower pro Division at the PSP West Coast Open. So, X-Factor is back in the PSP Champions Division, the hardest test in paintball, just in time to defend their 2013 World Cup victory. Continue reading

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Welcome paintball players and fans. Paintball Access is back in Canada covering all the action on location at the NAX finals. The best Pro talent from across North America are battling out for the Richmond Cup and the chance to own a one of a kind championship ring. Continue reading

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PBA-BreakdownLive51b-Slider September 23, 2014

SAVE $5 Paintball Access and PbNation have teamed up to save you money on the upcoming PSP World Cup broadcast! Watch an hour-long live special episode of The Breakdown!
PBA will be Broadcasting a live episode of the Breakdown, with special guests. Each of the guests will sit down with hosts Matty Marshall and Todd Martinez to discuss their team’s season so far, and go over plays they’ll be running in practice to learn the field. Continue reading

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breakdown50-Slider September 17, 2014

With PSP World Cup going down October 10th -12th, PBA hosts Todd Martinez and Matty Marshall continue their discussion of the state of the PSP Champions Division, focusing on the teams ranked 6th -10th. Continue reading

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2014-PSPWestCoast-GameoftheDay-HeatvDynasty-Sun-Slider September 15, 2014

A historic game from the 2014 PSP West coast Open: With Ryan Greenspan on the sidelines with an knee injury, Oliver Lang and the rest of the star studded crew from San Diego Dynasty tried to fight through a resurgent Houston Heat. Continue reading

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breakdown49-Slider September 11, 2014

With the PSP World Cup rapidly approaching (live webcast begins October 10th), Breakdown hosts Matty Marshall and Todd Martinez discuss the top 5 teams in the PSP Champions Division. Continue reading

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the time has finally arrived for thousands of paintball enthusiasts from around the world to lay their eyes upon what will become the most practiced field layout in the World. Continue reading

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2014-PSPWestCoast-GameoftheDay-InfamousvRevo-Sun-Slider September 8, 2014

Revo, take on Los Angeles Infamous at the 2014 PSP West Coast Open to determine who would move up into the Champions Division for PSP World Cup. Continue reading

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66-Podcast-BlakeY September 2, 2014

Dynasty’s Blake Yarber joins Matty to discuss his team’s loss at PSP WCO, in addition to his recent adventures, from getting gored and knocked unconscious by a bull in France to hiking the length of Hadrian’s Wall in the UK, and how he was able to climb out of paintball obscurity to earn a spot on the sport’s most successful team. Continue reading

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