2014-PSPWorldCup-GameoftheDay-DynsatyShock-Slider October 24, 2014

Two of the most legendary teams in paintball throw down in the PSP Challengers Division semi finals to find out who will move back into the Champions Division for the 2015 season. Continue reading

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14-ChadB-To-Impact October 17, 2014

Chad Busiere has made a name for himself in the PSP as one of the most dynamic and aggressive players on Tampa Bay Damage. But his fruitful, decade-long tenure on Damage has come to an end. Continue reading

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2014-PBA-WorldCup-Pre-Slider October 10, 2014
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2014-YIR-Impact-Slider October 9, 2014

In a storybook season, Edmonton Impact, ranked first in the PSP heading into World Cup, has become the strongest, most consistent team in the sport. They have completely dominated Europe this year, and they have made the finals in 3 of the 4 PSP events so far in 2014. Continue reading

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2014-PBA-Fantasy-DYE-Slider October 8, 2014

Pick your favorite players for your fantasy team on PBA. Follow along as the tournament progresses to see how your fantasy team does while you play against the world, the winner takes home a DYE DM15 Continue reading

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The current roster of Omaha Vicious represents the best chance the team has ever had of achieving a dream years in the making; the dream of winning a Professional PSP World Title. Continue reading

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2014-YIR-ArtChaos-Slider October 7, 2014

It’s been a wild and crazy ride for Art Chaos during their first PSP season. Coming into the first event this year Art Chaos was widely touted and heavily favored to win Champions Division events. Continue reading

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2014-YIR-Damage-Slider October 6, 2014

Though Tampa Bay Damage hasn’t made it past the semi-finals this season make no mistake, they are still one of the strongest teams in the world and a favorite to win the PSP World Cup. Continue reading

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