70-Podcast-Web December 17, 2014

Dynasty’s Ryan Greenspan and Marcello Margott from the LA Ironmen join Matty Marshall to talk about their recent globe trotting adventures from Egypt to Suriname, answer questions about the new PSP rule changes, and discuss how those rules effect their team’s chances in 2015. Continue reading

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69-Podcast-New December 12, 2014

Semi-auto, no coaching, and pro layouts released at the event: PBA hosts Matty Marshall and Todd Martinez discuss the big new PSP rule changes for 2015, and how they will bring more skill to the game at its highest level. Continue reading

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14-PSPRules-Web December 11, 2014

Several changes for the 2015 season designed to allow players competing on the Pro Champions and Pro Challengers fields to showcase the individual skills Continue reading

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14-TravisL-1-web December 10, 2014

“The Infamous spirit is instilled in the team’s DNA. There are a few guys on the team that I could hand the reigns to and be content. They just don’t know it yet.” Continue reading

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Podcast-New December 3, 2014

Matty touches base with X-Factor’s Grayson Goff to discuss his controversial blog post entitled “You’ll never play pro paintball”. Continue reading

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14-CarlM-Moves-1 November 19, 2014

“I don’t expect to just walk on the roster and start playing every point. I’m going to earn it the good old fashion way with hard work and performance when it is needed. I’m excited for the challenge.” Continue reading

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PBA hosts Matty Marshall and Todd Martinez are joined by Ryan Greenspan from San Diego Dynasty to talk about the Top Killers of the 2014 PSP season, in both the G-Rating (average kills per point) and Total Kills category. See which of your favorite pros made the list! Continue reading

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breakdown54-Slider November 12, 2014

During a lively end-of-season discussion, PBA host Matty Marshall and Todd Martinez talk about what worked, and what didn’t, for the teams ranked 6th-10th during the 2014 PSP season, including recent roster moves. Dynasty’s Ryan Greenspan joins them in the studio with an inside look at his fellow pro teams and players. Continue reading

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15-RosterChanges-Slider November 7, 2014

Every off-season has a fair share of roster maneuvering, as squads from all levels try to field the strongest team they can muster for the up coming season. Continue reading

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