• dude1it

    should have switched 1 and 2

  • Mattyho

    @25e4d8fc7d4ce099aa532c719ed8e6fc:disqus you have a good point, but what Brad did, though it didn’t look as spectacular, was way way harder. He shook off a poor performance early in the event, made a move into guns, and shot at least three players in sudden death over time (two of those players he shot, Marcello and Berdnikov, are in the top five in the stat rankings) to win the game for his team. The biggest win the team has had in many, many years. That’s about as boss as it gets, and number 1 in my book.  

  • Benfyfield

    i thought the same thing, swap them but when you bring context into the argument . . . . .  props to McCurley

  • Mike

    Bring Top Ten Back!