Scouting Reports: Chattanooga CEP

Scouting Reports: Chattanooga CEP

Chattanooga CEP

Early in the 2012 season Chattanooga CEP was haunted by untimely penalties, which kept them from being competitive. But they fixed that problem in Chicago and are only the 3rd most penalized team in the league heading into the Mid Atlantic Open, and most of those penalties came from the first 2 events.

Their next step is to focus on getting into the key spots on the field with consistency, and do damage from those spots. They have capable front players and some depth, but they’ve had issues keeping players alive long enough to make decisive moves, make a difference, and play up to their potential. CEP showed in their close game with Los Angeles Infamous (who won the tournament) last event they can compete, but they need to keep five players alive on a regular basis to do this, and at the Chicago Open they struggled with survivability.

The crew from CEP, led by former college paintball standout Robbie Goldsmith (ranked 122nd), is hungry and knows what they need to work on, and they’ve been working hard to fix their issues, so it’s going to be interesting to see how they fare at the MAO. The aggressive front line from Chattanooga could make a difference, especially on the Dorito side, which is particularly strong on this layout. But CEP must be careful pushing into teams too quickly when they go up bodies. Every team in the league has great back players capable of pulling off points when playing on their heels, even when things look gloomy, so a 5 on 3 could go south quickly with the big back bunkers on this layout.

If CEP’s back players can focus on shooting players on the break, something they are definitely capable of, and staying alive, something they’ve struggled with, then they can let their talented front players go to work. Those off the break Kills would allow Mike Zuppa (ranked 40th), Evan Fyfe (ranked 109th), Colin Cherry (ranked 113th), and Daniel Keene (ranked 120th), get up the field and show off their skills.

Zuppa is the best player on the team right now, greatly out ranking his compatriots. He’s also played in 91 of the 110 points the team has played this year. The rest of the CEP crew needs to step it up in the last two event of the season if they want get closer to the deeper rounds everyone dreams of playing in.

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