Scouting Reports: Los Angeles Infamous

Los Angeles Infamous finally fulfilled their potential by winning the last event in Chicago. They’re a team which has been plagued with underperformance and penalties for the past couple years, but it’s looking like, with their revamped, Midwest based roster, they’re finally putting those days behind them.

They’ve played the best teams in the league strong all year, especially defending World Cup champs, Tampa Bay Damage, who they’ve beaten twice in the last two events. The games have been close, but Infamous has just proved they’ve developed as a squad by being the only team to consistently beat the best team of 2011, and early 2012.

Infamous looks to have all the tools you need to dominate the Pro ranks: they have clutch players in Chris Sosine (ranked 52nd) and Kevin “Cali” Rudolph (ranked 47th). Rudolph has been the consistent rock, enabling his more aggressive counterparts to get up the field and cause havoc, which is interesting, because that’s what Cali did as he rose through the ranks. But it’s like they say, the best back players are experienced front players. Sosine is evolving into an incredibly clutch back player, and Infamous has definitely felt the impact of his elevated status.

Deadly off the break shooting comes courtesy of long time veteran Travis Lemanski (ranked 55th), who was destroying opponents in Chicago. The aggressive attack for Infamous comes from Drew Templeton (ranked 51st), Brad McCurley (ranked 69th), and Greg Siewers (ranked 20th). Brad will get the start on the snake side, as Drew missed the practice right before the event. But Drew was playing hot, so expect him to see playing time and make the best of it when he gets out there.

Siewers, the highest ranked player on the team, was the talk of the tournament in Chi-town. He blazed down the Dorito side, finally overcoming any mental blocks, which plagued him in the past, and was Co-MVP of the event. He could very well do the same at the Mid Atlantic Open given the layout of the field, with its dominate D-side.

The overall rock solid play of Nicky Cuba (ranked 26th) made him the other Co-MVP of the Chicago Open. His level of play in the past few tournaments is some of the best paintball he’s displayed during his long, storied career.

Add into this mix of talent one of the best coaches in the game, Todd Martinez, and you have one scary team. The only issue they could have is keeping up the mental momentum they’ve worked so hard to build, because every team in the league wants to knock them down, and take their crown.

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