Scouting Reports: San Diego Dynasty

For Dynasty it’s not a question of talent, it’s a question of motivation. Man for man, there is no better team in the world. But this game is not played one on one, and not decided by talent potential, experience, or past results– it’s decided by current on-field production. And Dynasty has not had a united effort on field this year, and they have struggled as a result. Fans expect wins from this storied franchise and so do the players who make up this superstar team. So, it’s been a frustrating PSP season for Dynasty.

2012 has not been without its bright spots for Dynasty though: Yosh Rau (ranked 6th) is having a standout year, as is Ryan Greenspan, who’s the second ranked player in the world after three events. Alex Fraige (ranked 32nd) has been playing solid, smart, counterpunch paintball on the snake side. Oliver Lang (ranked 35th) looked good in a few outings but has underperformed overall, and Dalton Vanderbilt (ranked 14th) is doing damage down the doritos.

But the reason Fraige has had to go to work on the snake side, pushing into teams to take down opponents who are already in the snake and need to die, is because Dynasty hasn’t seen much production out of its front players on that side of the field. We still haven’t seen the Alex Goldman (ranked 31st) who was tearing people apart in years past. Goldman did get a late start to the season, coming out a brief retirement for the second event of the year in Phoenix. He could start hitting his stride at this event. Goldman is a player who rides with a chip on his shoulder, and when he’s playing his best, he’s quite possible the best player in the game. It also looked like he blew out his shoulder on a dive early during the Chicago Open, and though he shrugged it off, and continued to play points, it might have been hurting him more than he let on, keeping him from playing up to his potential.

Also, dorito side standout Dalton Vanderbilt has a partially torn ACL, but it looks like he’s going to play through it at the MAO. And it doesn’t look like ten-year veteran Glen Takemoto (ranked 66th) will be taking the field for the team this event.

If Lang and Goldman play the paintball they became famous for, and the other core members of the team continue to produce at a high level, Dynasty could see the podium in Maryland.

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