Scouting Reports: Tampa Bay Damage

Tampa Bay Damage ruled the paintball world from mid 2011 to early 2012, winning 3 events in a row and going undefeated in those events. No one could touch them as they destroyed team after team, using a combination of teamwork, dominating gunfights, and smart mid game adjustments to run the table on the best teams in the world.

After winning the first event of the year they haven’t lived up to their own high standards. Infamous, in particular, has played a part in tearing them from their pedestal, and has had their number for the past two events.

Man for man, not many teams can match up against Damage: they have one of the best Dorito players in the world in Chad Busier (ranked 8th), the best back player of the past decade Dave Bains (ranked 48th). The Edwards brother Jacob (ranked 25th) and Jason (ranked 10th) are two of the best all-around players in the game.

Busier will the player to watch on Damage during the Mid Atlantic Open; with the way the bunkers are laid out on the Dorito side, he could set the bar for all other D-side players. Also, the back bunkers are pretty substantial as well, so Bains should be able to right the ship if Damage loses too many bodies pushing forward.

Jacob did not have his best event in Chicago and should be hungry to get back near the top of the overall player rankings. His brother Jason, one of the top players on everyone’s list, and a huge reason this team has seen success.

Justin Rabackoff (ranked 4th) who was picked up in the offseason, is playing very solid, but even though he’s the 4th ranked player in the league right now, he still could be better, as he might have the most raw talent in the game.

Add Coach Paul Richard, whose paintball mind is second to none, and Dan Holiday (ranked 9th), the best utility player in paintball (that’s a lot of ‘bests’, as you can see), and you have a team with no holes. Damage doesn’t have much to fix to get back to the top, and after all, it’s impossible to reign forever in a league this deep with talented teams.

They just need to go back to what they are good at — if they can focus on dictating the pace of the game and pushing opponents around using smart aggressive gunfight logic, they’ll be back on top in no time.

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