Scouting Reports: upTon 187 cRew

Upton 187 crew isn’t going to surprise anyone at this event, because every pro team in league by now knows, three events into the season, that this team plays with reckless abandon, and pushes hard, no matter who they are playing.

They’ve placed 9th at all three events, but they’ve have impressed everyone from foes to fans with a fearless on-field attitude. 187 could very well be a top team given some time to develop. In their first pro game ever, they almost beat the second ranked team in the world right now, Moscow Red Legion, losing in sudden death overtime.

Then this past event in Chicago, they beat a strong Los Angeles Ironmen, who’s ranked 4th in the world, proving they can hang blow for blow, with just about any team in the league. These are big moral victories for this young and hungry team, and if you’re from the Northeast, or are just a fan of getting some of your boys together and seeing how far the paintball ride can go, this should be your team.

187 Crew has a home grow base of talent out of Fox 4 Paintball in the Northeast who play very well together, and have some strong up-and-coming players. Captain Nick Leival (ranked 27th) is a beast and has been improving all year. He’s getting a ton of reps, and has only sat out three points all year, playing in 111 out of 114 total points. Dan Zaleski (ranked 86th) is also getting spins, 101 out of 114, has the chops to be an anchor in the snake, but needs to be more consistent.

Max Traylor (ranked 37th) has been handling on the Dorito side. He’s very aggressive and this tournament could be a break out performance for him, as the Dorito side looks to play very strong on this layout. They also have some solid back and Mid players supporting their talented front line, including Eddie Painter (ranked 75th). But the whole team lacks experience and consistency, which will only come with reps and time. But given the way they started their pro career, the future looks very bright for Upton 187 Crew.

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