2012 PSP World Cup Finals: Tampa Bay Damage vs Houston Heat

Really, could you ask for a better way to end the 2012 PSP season? The number one versus number two team, in a winner takes all battle to see who would hoist the World Cup. At the end of the day, Houston Heat would seize all the glory in the paintball world winning both the World Cup and 2012 Series Title, as well as completing the hat trick by winning their third event of the season. The win was marked by the stellar play of Konstantin Fedorov who, on the event, achieved a 0.96 kills per point rate coming into the finals. He has proven to be a consistent work horse for Houston, and while not all of their success can be attributed to his play, he has been a relentless attacker who – coming into the event – lead Houston in points played, at 71%, and Gross G Rating, at 84.86.

As a team Houston Heat was able to shut down the play of Justin Rabackoff and Alex Goldman on the snake side of the field through dominant off the break shooting. They were so successful at this that Tampa stopped sending Rabackoff to the corners and, in a last ditch effort, push him up the middle of the field. This seemed to be the right play, however it was too little too late. Another major part of the equation to winning the World Cup was rendering Tampa Bay Damage back player Dave Baines useless for the majority of the match. Houston’s play was smart, calculated and forced Tampa to play out of position.

Congratulations to everybody involved in the Houston Heat organization: they have proven that they are, hands down, the best team in paintball.

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  • ant

    They also only played five players in the finals…

    • michael

      and that was smart, it won them world cup