PBA Hot Seat with Alex Goldman

Too often, when the cameras turn on, vanilla, sugar-coated answers spill out. The Hot Seat is a new feature on PBA, where host Matty Marshall talks to players, coaches and industry people, to ask the hard questions and to pry out in-depth answers to see what’s really going on.

Matty discusses some hard questions with Alex Goldman, former Dynasty player now on Tampa Bay Damage

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  • Tadd Parker

    Hands down my favorite professional player.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gwennerss Gwen Vangelisto

      Mine too!!!

  • t man

    mouse!! let me get some steroids man. the main reason why youve been struggling this year is because your too big for the bunkers now. seriously

  • 50snake

    mouse should be banned from the league

  • ollielang

    wasn’t doing, WELL. not good. illiterate no life. go play a real sport. and get a real job.

  • Alex Goldman

    I think with the new snake bunkers, that could have taken out some of the swaagg. Who knows, no excuses, time to give it all on the field. Work hard play hard, ya’dig! WWC!

  • Andrew

    He leaves Dynasty and then they win Vegas… coincidence?

    • John

      No, he’s been playing the NPPL with Arsenal all season.