Scouting Report – X-Factor

With one of the most dedicated player/owners in the sport, Alex Martinez (ranked 107th), San Antonio X-Factor began the season with a new vision for their team and a renewed effort to get back to their winning ways from when they first burst on the scene. But the best they have been able to achieve in 2012 is two 4th place finishes, in Phoenix and at the Mid-Atlantic Open.

In a story told often this year by many teams, it’s been their inability to get a solid, consistent snake side push and untimely penalties that are keeping X-Factor from realizing their dream of 2012 PSP win. Talent wise, the team couldn’t be more solid, especially with the recent additions, Aston Johnson (ranked 59th) and Jesse Stephens (64th).

Stephens was just picked up last event but could be a future force for the team as it looks like he has the talent and desire needed at the highest levels of the game, but only time, and reps, will tell. He almost made the squad at the beginning of the year, but was beat out by Billy Bernacchia (78th). Bernacchia struggled greatly in the beginning of the season, but has been improving in the latter part of the year.

Colt Roberts (23rd) and Grayson Goff (16th) have been on fire this year. Goff is having the best season of his career and is X-Factor’s highest ranked player, playing very consistent paintball, making few mistakes. He’s not the flashiest or fastest player but is a rock in the middle of the field.

Colt Roberts is the most experienced player on a team full of experienced players (other than, arguably, Archie Montemayor). He is also having one of the best years of his career. Roberts is a high-level, impact player who must be playing well in order to give X-Factor a chance to win.

Roberts and Johnson charging down the Dorito side have been the team’s primary weapons in 2012, along with the production coming from vets Archie Montemayor and Todd Morrow (53rd). Morrow has won huge points for the team this year, and is a quiet killer. The guy just get’s it done and is one of the most underrated support players in the league.

Archie Montemayor (49th) is the most versatile member of X-Factor, and he’s had his hands full on the snake side this year, as he plays behind the main attacker (in the mid-position or the “2”), and X-Factor has struggled to find their go-to guy in that front snake position. This has caused Montemayor to play on his heels more often than not, or push into guns down bodies. Archie and Roberts are the team’s most respected members and, like Colt, Archie needs to have a good event for X-Factor to have their best chance at victory. This team could take the World Cup title, if they can finally get everyone on the same page and stay out of the penalty box.

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