Scouting Report – Dynasty

2012 has been a frustrating season for San Diego Dynasty, the team that has come to define professional paintball for the past ten years. After finishing 3rd at the first event in Galveston, they haven’t been able to find a solid rhythm, finishing 8th in Phoenix, 6th in Chicago, and 7th at the Mid Atlantic Open.

It’s no secret as to why they’ve struggled to compete with top ranked teams; they haven’t had a consistent push on the snake side or been able to find aggressive game plans that worked, and have struggled greatly as a result.

The PSP World Cup is watershed moment for Dynasty; they must place well here to have a chance to keep a few key players on their team. With the departure of Coach Mike Hinman, who left after their disappointing MAO performance to sideline coach the Ironmen, and Alex ‘Mouse’ Goldman, who took off for Tampa Bay Damage, the team will have a different look at Cup.

The core of the team still exists and isn’t performing bad, actually a few of them (Rau and Greenspan particularly) have been having real productive years, but they just haven’t been able right the ship and find the podium, or been able to win the close points in big games.

Ryan Greenspan (ranked 12th) has been having a great year and was ranked second overall going into MAO. Yosh Rau (24th) has been shooting a lot of people and staying alive, and was the highest ranked player at the Phoenix event. Rau might be the best pure gunfighter in the world. Alex Fraige (67th) was playing solid counter-punch paintball on the snake side, early in the year but dropped off at the MAO.

Dalton Vanderbyl (17th) is a force on the Dorito side, and has been for a long time. Just recently he’s been coming out the shadows, earning much due respect from causal fans, though his peers have been getting shot by him for years.

Oliver Lang, widely considered the best player in the world until just recently, hasn’t been the charismatic firebrand in 2012 he’s been in the past. He’s ranked 38th overall, and has a few highlight reel moves this season, but his presence hasn’t been felt like it was last year when Dynasty dominated every event in early 2011. His fans are waiting for him to show he’s still the greatest paintballer ever, the player all those who come after will be compared to.

If anyone could turn it around, it’s the team who has put together over 50 wins throughout their careers. In the prelims, they play Houston Heat, Upton 187 Crew, Edmonton Impact, and San Antonio X-Factor. They match up well against all those teams, but must dictate the pace of the points. And Dynasty must have a potent punch on the snake side at this event or they won’t stand a chance. As it sits now, they’re ranked 7th going into World Cup.

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