Scouting Report: Houston Heat

Never before has a team had a first year like Houston Heat. With two wins and a 2nd place, Heat sits at the top of the paintball world heading into the biggest event of the year.

The secret to their success has been a solid work ethic, stellar off-the-field support, and consistent performances from their deep roster. Players who have lived in the shadows on their previous teams have emerged to play well for Houston this year. John Woodley (57th), Sam Monville (35th), and Chad George (30th) have played phenomenal and come through with big moves in big games.

Woodley was unknown to most paintball fans before 2012, but has earned his keep with big games early on in the season and has entertained Heat fans with highlight reel moves and gutsy last minute heroics. Monville has done the same and with more consistency than Woodley.

Chad George (30th) was the MVP for the last event in Maryland, and has become the go-to weapon for their coach, Jason Trosen, becoming the main attacker on the snake side.

Couple this with the star power and performances brought to bear by players Konstantin Fedorov (18th), Mishca Knyazev (20th), and Serge Solnyshkov (11th), and you have a team with very few holes. Their positional depth gives them a solid full field attack, which has been very hard to counter for the teams matched up against them.

On the Dorito side, Sergei and Mishca have been killing people all season long, and across the field on the snake side, Heat has used a revolving crew with speed, aggression and smart gunfighting to catapult them into wins.

Ronnie Dizon (51st), Chad Bouchez (45th) and Ryan Smith (20th) have made the most of limited reps, and have been solid off the bench. Nick Slowiak (43rd) had his best event of the year at the PSP Mid Atlantic Open two months ago.

Everyone wants to dethrone Heat heading into World Cup. Coach Trosen has done a very competent job picking the plays and guiding his players, and owner Randy Smith has put together one hell of a paintball team. Without a doubt, Heat is the team to beat at the 2012 PSP World Cup.

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