Scouting Report: Los Angeles Infamous

A change in direction and mentality has brought Los Angeles Infamous success in 2012. Once an all-star team that was always better on paper than it was on the field, they have had mixed results over the years. Infamous is now tied for second place overall, with a win in Chicago and a 2nd place finish at the last event.

They’ve never been better.

This is due, in part, to a rebuilding of the team with what Captain and long standing veteran Travis Lemanski (ranked 40th) calls his “blue collar ‘ballers”. These new players, brought over mostly from Aftershock in the offseason last year, and an emphasis on effort, work ethic, and focus, have turned the franchise around.

Long time stars Nicky Cuba (37th), Lemanski, and Bobby Aviles (44th) have all had some amazing games this year, and Infamous will need them to perform to have a chance to win World Cup. Cuba has fought through a staph infection and an injured knee to have a great year, contributing greatly in Infamous’ run to the top.

Aviles continues to one of the most exciting and dynamic players on the squad and can be found all over the field. Lemanski’s ability to shoot opponents off the break and shoot massive walls of paint, is a huge boost for the team as well, though he is one of the least mobile back players in the league. But if he keeps shooting off the break and going through 10 pods per point the way he has in 2012, he could play for another ten years, based on these skills alone.

The main push on the Dorito side will come from Greg Siewers (14th), who is the teams highest ranked player and has emerged in 2012, after spending the past few years playing for a laundry list of big teams, to find a home on Infamous, becoming one of the best players in the game and a real workhorse. His aggression keeps multiple guns tied up, taking pressure off everyone else.

Their roll players have been huge in pressure situations as well. Chris Sosine (63rd), Damien Ryan (25th) and Kevin “Cali” Rudolph (60th) have all done their jobs when needed, and are the solid core of the mid line. They do different jobs but have been big factors during Infamous’ mid season run.

They also have one of the most dedicated coaches in Todd Martinez, whose fire and drive has really focused this talented lineup. Infamous lost Brad McCurley (52nd) to a blown PCL right before the event, but Drew Templeton (69th) and young Zach Patient (76th), who is also nursing a bad shoulder he’s having surgery on in the off-season, should be able to handle the snake-side duties, just as they have in the other events this year. Infamous is on everyone’s list as a favorite to win the biggest paintball tournament of the year.

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