Scouting Reports – CEP

With only one prelim win under their belt for 2012, Chattanooga CEP’s sophomore season hasn’t gone they way they wanted it to. But CEP has faced some off the field struggles and leadership changes in 2012, which affected their on-field performance.

For World Cup they are trying to right the ship, by getting scrimmages in against the LA Ironmen before the event. It is of the utmost importance for teams looking to improve on any level to seek out better teams to scrimmage against on a regular basis.

CEP has talent, but getting their talent on the same page mid-game has been a struggle. They will have a few players each point who are playing well, making the moves they need to make, gunfighting with a purpose, but the other three players won’t be. This must stop for them to start winning games on a regular basis.

Early in the year penalties plagued the team, but they’ve since got the flags down to a minimum. They need to get the core group of the team alive, playing clean, and pushing down the field to have a chance at World Cup.

Mike Zuppa (ranked 54th) their top ranked player, won’t be at World Cup. Peter Velardi (70th), who was picked up for Chicago, has shown he can play the game at a high level and should help out the franchise in the short and long term.

They’ve also picked up Osvaldo Brito-Neto (87th) from the Los Angeles Ironmen to help on the snake side. Brito-Neto is very aggressive and if he can get into the snake on a regular basis, it will take pressure off other members of the team.

Colin Cherry (112th) is the most athletic of their front players, and John Glanville (113th) has contributed this year as well. They both need to step up at World Cup to give CEP a fighting chance.

CEP has a tough prelim bracket with Houston Heat (ranked 1st), Moscow Red Legion (5th), Chicago Aftershock (11th), and San Antonio X-Factor (6th). But the best attribute CEP has going for them is their positive attitude, they understand they have a hard road in front of them and they are game for the fight. Their Captain Robbie Goldsmith (119th) will have his hands full trying to get the team into their first Sunday appearance of the year, but it’s a trial he embraces.

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