Scouting Report – Vicious

After storming into World Cup last year, knocking out the Los Angeles Ironmen in the quarterfinals and taking fourth, Omaha Vicious has put in a string of disappointing finishes for 2012. They have yet to break into the top four and their best showing was 5th place at the Phoenix Open.

But there is no reason Vicious shouldn’t be ranked higher or be placing higher at the events, because they’ve really developed their talent base over the past few seasons. The heart of the team is made up of players who stormed up the ranks, winning every divisional title, and coming into the pro league in 2010.

Zach Sherman (61st), Bryon Bortol (101st), Chris Hooker (85th), and Parker Rosenthal (92nd), are the core, and soul of the team. They are all playing well, if a little inconsistent, and they have surrounded themselves with guys who are working hard to win.

Sherman, a leader on the team, is versatile, soft spoken and intense. Since Vicious has gone through a few coaches during their Pro tenure, Sherman has stepped into the void; but player/coaches are a rarity in the sport now for reason. It’s just too hard to assess who is playing well and who isn’t, in real time, during the controlled chaos of a pro paintball tournament.

Phil Kahnk (36th) is the team’s highest ranked player, and is a wrecking machine up front, as is Shane Colby (39th), and the two of them have really made their presence felt on the field in 2012. They are small, attacking machines that put forth fearless attacks.

Trevor Resar (50th) is also finding his form, and making some good moves in pressure situations. Resar is getting better with every event, and playing with more confidence.

In front of them, in the prelim battle, sits Seattle Thunder, Sacramento XSV, Los Angeles Infamous, Chicago Aftershock and Moscow Red Legion. If they believe in themselves and don’t get off to their traditionally slow start, they can beat all those teams.

When you look at the team as a whole, they don’t have many talent gaps on the field but the biggest problem is their lack of full time coach, which is something they need address in order to progress to the next level. But still, with the talent they’re bringing to bear, they could surprise people at the World Cup.

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  • MikeMcGowan

    Yes I have a personal bias. But objectively here. Why is there never any talk of Matt Sossoman?

    Matt Sossoman is Vicious’s only pick-up in seasons. He’s ranked #1 in G-Rating for the team on the season, top 11 overall in Survival Time, and 4th on the team in Player Ranking (58th overall) . He does have the most penalties (4 out of 80 points played). Those were all at the Chicago event with none received in the others.

    If we’re going to mention Jesse Stephens for X-Factor, I would think a passing evaluation of Sossoman’s performance on the team would be due here. Not trying to nitpick. Just lookin out for my boy!

    • Eric Neckpainsucks Mccall

      i agree with you so much,but i am really biased here i have been watching Matt play since he started in the woods.Been shot by him many times,played pain ball many times.The boy can flat out ball and i never understand why he dont get his props because he is one that has truly worked his way to the top.