The Breakdown Ep. 1

With so much going down on the field and behind the scenes in the paintball world, Paintball Access has created another outlet for the fans to be informed and entertained. Hosted by Matty Marshall and Todd Martinez– The Breakdown is the newest series from Paintball Access created to get to the heart of the paintball world, with expert analysis and commentary. Think SportsCenter, but for paintball.

Ep1: Guests Ryan Greenspan and Mike Hinman join Matty and Todd to discuss the World Cup prelim match-ups for Chicago Aftershock, Upton 187 Crew, San Diego Dynasty, San Antonio X-Factor, LA Infamous, Houston Heat, Edmonton Impact along with their favorite World Cup memory.

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  • Hansen

    Jeez this is awesome! Go PBA!

  • gmoney

    what about some seattle thunder love in texas….knocked out x factor of the finals in texas

  • Trev tard

    haha love the look on ryans face when matty is talking about mouse going to damage

  • steve

    why doesnt the site work its all messed up everything is on the left side

  • tom

    any ideas of why this video won’t even show up on the page?

  • charlie

    Server is overloaded with viewers generating bandwidth issues

  • MarkyMark

    Matty needs to work on passing the ball. He seems to have trouble transitioning to the other speakers.