Peoples Choice MVP: CEP and Aftershock Candidates

The People’s Choice MVP award voting has begun! The top 3 players from each team, based on the 2012 statistics, are nominated, vote for who you believe is the Team MVP.

The team MVPs will then be pitted against each other in a final vote to see will be the first People’s Choice PBA MVP.

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Chicago Aftershock

AJ Lawhead – Ranked 50th Overall

Lawhead is the most experienced player on Aftershock, who will need to rely heavily on him in the future as a leader of this young group.

Andrew Rodriguez– 68th Overall
Holds down the backfield, Rodriguez is an important part of the puzzle, because a team needs smart back players who can help the front players do their jobs, and pull games out when they don’t.

Eric Daily –76th Overall

In his first year in the pro division, Daily showed he had the ability to get into great positions.

Chattanooga CEP

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Mike Zuppa –Ranked 58th Overall
Zuppa is one of the more refined attackers on a team full of players who like to push forward recklessly.

Osvaldo Lopes Brito-Neto—Ranked 96th Overall

Osvaldo came over from the Ironmen mid-year and instantly became their go to player on the snake side.

Colin Cherry – Ranked 100th Overall
Cherry is quite possibly the most fluid and talented player on CEP.

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  • Derek

    Great season for AJ an Eric.

  • Barn

    Realistically Osvaldo made the biggest impact on CEP but Cherry is an up and coming star, plus he is so much sicker than Robbie, so much sicker. ZZZZ

    • Robbie Goldsmith

      i agree. And Mike Zuppa.

  • anon

    Zuppa is the workhorse for CEP. Look at the stats and the results. Kid is a killer…

  • ShaunZzz

    How does one vote?

  • PBTruth

    Mike Zuppa. The numbers don’t lie. Young gun. May be the fastest athlete on CEP. So smooth & fluid, he makes it look easy. Vicious. Deadly. Great work ethic. Turns point after point. Been loyal to CEP since the early years. MVP means, who do you want out on the field in a one-on-one, when you need that one last point. He’s their go-to guy, no question.

  • Edouard Fresnay

    Eric daily number one , big move on the break , he will be the man next year

  • Mike Zuppa

    Mike zuppa. voted for him. Honestly might be a tranny but results are pending

  • blcknblue

    Zupps… to play with him and love to play against him. Been watchin him since he was little…he is one driven individual, always pushing himself to be better but real loyal to his team. More to come from him…..I think he’s just getting started.

  • Barn

    Remember Zuppa is the only one of the three who played all season.

  • JG

    Zuppa without a doubt. Neither of the other two are anywhere comparable to him and his playing abilities. The kid is a stud. And as for Aftershock, although the stats might not say it, Kirk Wozny was the standout player for that team.