The PBA People’s Choice MVP Award

All of the races for Team MVP are underway, and will continue until the end of the week! Right after Christmas, we will begin the PSP/PBA MVP voting with the team MVPs squaring off against each other to see who the fans believe is the best player in the World.

If your favorite player isn’t in the lead then get to the polls! Or help your favorite player increase his lead!

Let your friends know why you think your favorite player should win via your social network of choice and getting them to vote! You can make a difference in your favorite player’s results by letting people know about the MVP voting.

Here is how it’s shaping up right now.

People Choice MVP leaders, by percentage of votes:

Chattanooga CEP
Mike Zuppa 46%
Osvaldo Lopes Brito-Neto 41%
Colin Cherry 13%

Houston Heat
Konstantin Fedorov 49%
Chad George 27%
Sergey Solnyshkov 24%

Tampa Bay Damage

Jason Edwards 70%
Dan Holiday 21%
Timmy Propst 9%

Los Angeles Infamous
Greg Siewers 45%
Damien Ryan 38%
Bobby Aviles 17%

Los Angeles Ironmen
Mike Paxson 53%
Alex Rodriguez 28%
Ryan Martin 19%

Omaha Vicious
Parker Rosenthal 37%
Matthew Sossoman 36%
Phil Kahnk 27%

San Diego Dynasty
Ryan Greenspan 59%
Dalton Vanderbyl 21%
Oliver Lang 20%

Seattle Thunder

Corey Field 69%
Blake Bearham 27%
Brian Strode 4%

Upton 187 Crew
Nick Leival 61%
Max Traylor 25%
Eddie Painter 14%

Chicago Aftershock
AJ Lawhead 65%
Eric Daily 25%
Andrew Rodriguez 10%

Moscow Red Legion

Alexandr Berdnikov 53%
Marcello Margott 34%
Jason Wheeler 13%

San Antonio X-Factor

Archie Montemayor 41%
Grayson Goff 33%
Colt Roberts 26%

Some of these races are very close. For Omaha Vicious, veteran Parker Rosenthal and rookie Matt Sossoman are only separated by one percentage point. Make a difference, vote for you favorites!

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