Brandon Short Interview: I’m Here to Compete

Brandon Short is one of the best front snake players ever, period, and a two-time World Champion who has played on the Los Angeles Ironmen for his entire professional career– until this week. In a move few saw coming, Short is leaving the Los Angeles Ironmen and heading over to San Diego Dynasty, a team who did not perform up to their normal standards in 2012, but are making moves to stack their roster. Here are Short’s thoughts on this pivotal move, his new team, and his career.

This is part 1 of his interview

Matty Marshall: Wow. Big move this year man.

Brandon Short: Yeah I’m excited. And I think that even though Dynasty didn’t have the best year last year, they are going to be just fine. I mean, WE’RE going to do just fine (laughs). They just missed the cut a few times last year, and yeah, you could say they’re getting older and ask where their motivation is at, but, come on, those guys are champions and losing does not really stick with those guys. So, it’s perfect, I get to come on and prove myself with those guys because those guys want to improve themselves again too, so it’s exciting.

I think it is a good thing for Dynasty for sure because they needed to pick up someone like you, and they’ve got you and Kyle Spicka (who also just came over to Dynasty from the Ironmen). Now, are the two of you going to be playing the 1 (first attacker) and the 2 (second attacker) on the snake side? Have you guys talked about positions at all?
Well, I had sit down with Ryan (Greenspan) a while ago, before Christmas, and he pretty much said we need attackers. So that’s where it’s at. I know they need that because they lost all their main guys, their front guys.

Are you thinking about going back up there again, go play the 1 again?

Yeah, you know, I don’t really mind. As much as I bitched about it on the Ironmen, I still played that spot all the time. I played all over the field with the Ironmen last year, I really don’t mind. I feel really motivated right now, so it’s like, put me wherever.

So is this move just something that fell in your lap, something you’ve been thinking about for a while, or stars aligning kind of thing?

Well, after World Cup, actually the very last night of World Cup, we all went out, we were having a good time and instantly the HK guys were talking to me, and I don’t even think Dynasty had signed yet with them. But, they were my good friends and they were just saying, “Hey, you should do something different. You know, it’s time for you to do something.” And I was just blowing them off, like “Yeah, you guys don’t understand my position, I have been with the Ironmen for so long; I‘m here to compete.”

It’s been 9 years, right?
Yes, 9 seasons with the Ironmen and Dye. So yeah, the HK guys are really pumped on the sport. They believe in it totally, they want to hype players up and all that, and I was acting kind of like an old man saying to them, “You know, that’s not really what I want to do anymore, I am here to compete,” which I am totally, that’s what I want to do.
But you know, they see a future in paintball and they want to pump every aspect of it. So right away they’re in my ears about changing it up. Because, long history between HK and everybody, and long story short, we weren’t really allowed to be associated with HK because of the branding conflict, and so I kind of stepped away from that part of my paintball side. But I grew up playing with all of those kids at SC Village they were my friends. I never really competed on a team with them, because right away I jumped into the pros.

Yeah, you got cherry picked as one of the best pretty early on.

Yeah, at 17 years old, while a lot of the HK guys were still kind of playing around. But I had still always played with those guys at SC Village. It was more of a friendship than anything, which really was more than a team. We were friends off the field, past paintball, it was a really big connection with those guys. And to not be able to be affiliated with them through the years, it sucks, but it wasn’t really a big deal. But now that the company, the HK company, is becoming bigger and better, where they really want to promote and do everything, now it kind of makes sense, and the fact that Dynasty is signing on with those guys, it is just like the stars have aligned, I get to still play competitive pro paintball and have a shot to win and at the same time.

… and now you’re sponsored by your homies from back in the day.


And basically, everyone benefits. You benefit because they’re trying to go big and they are going to compensate you. They need you too because they need legit people and teams to be rocking their new stuff. So you’re right, it does make sense.

Yeah, I didn’t really think about it before, I didn’t see this coming. It’s funny because, back in the day, Dynasty actually used to sponsor HK, helped them out a little bit here and there like Todd (Martinez) did. Now, 3 years later, Dynasty has a full deal from HK, which is insane to think about it after all these years so yeah, in that aspect the stars did align.
And then when I step back and really thought about it, it’s part of my life now that I’m 26, going to school and my Mom constantly in my ear, like “Hey, what are you doing?” She totally loves paintball and supports it and loves what I do, but at the same time, she’s saying, “Hey, they are bills to pay. What are you going to do with your life?”

But she’s got to be proud of your accomplishments right?
Yes, she totally is. She’s probably my biggest fan. But at the same time, I hear the other end of it too. She’s like, ”You’re not getting any younger”. She always says, “You’re going to be 27”, when I was 14, she was always like “You’re growing up, you’re growing up, you’re about to be 15! What’s your next move?” It always one more year (laughs), I’m not making tons of money.

Well, it’s not like you are quitting paintball to be an accountant tomorrow.

Yeah, it’s just something, I feel like it’s a New Year, that it’s good for me to kind of shake things up and this is a start in my life of shaking things up, going to a new team, experiencing new things, and just getting that mind set of change. So, that’s kind of where I sit right now.

Check back Monday for Part 2 of Brandon Short’s first interview since leaving the Los Angeles Ironmen for San Diego Dynasty.

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