Scott Kemp Interview: Always a Threat Part 2

Scott Kemp has had a long successful pro paintball career, spending the past 5 years on the Los Angeles Ironmen and playing with XSV and Aftermath previously. He is now making a move over to a resurgent San Antonio X-Factor. He talks to PBA’s Matty Marshall about his move, the upcoming season, the changes to the PSP pro league, and his history in the game.
This is part two of his interview. Click here for Part 1.

I think that’s really good. Some of the best paintball I’ve seen you play was the years we’ve played with each other on XSV. I’ve seen you play for a long time and the best paintball you’ve played is when you are in that “1” position; it forces you to be aggressive. I think that could definitely work out for you. And with X-Factor this year, it’s a little bit of a different team than the team that took 3rd. like I said, Aston Johnson broke his ankle real bad, he is going to be out for 5 months at best it looks like, unless something new develops there. Have you heard how his ankle is doing?

No, I saw him this weekend at practice. He was on crutches and he said that he was on crutches for another 2-3 weeks and so he’s just going through the rehab.

And then they also lost Mykel from the snake side too. So it is going to be a little bit different of a team for X-Factor for 2013, but I think they’re going to be fine.

Yeah, I think so too. Mykel was great player as well; it was unfortunate we lost him. But the newer guys playing that snake side are going to have to step it up.

How’s Jesse Stevens playing? Is he playing?
Yeah, he’s playing good.

I think he’s talented.

Yeah, he’s good. So he plays the snake side as well, and we also have Billy Bernacchia playing the snake side as well.

He played great at Cup.

Yeah, you know, he finally kind of came to his own. I felt That was big for the team because he struggled off early in the year trying to find himself with X Factor and I think finally he did so it made a big impact.

So for fans who don’t know where you’ve come from give them a bit of your history. You’ve played for a lot of big teams over the years, so go down the list for me.

I’ve played for Aftermath when we were playing D1 and pretty much just winning every tournament. We had a pretty heavy stacked team there. Played for XSV with you, that was great year, we won some big events. The year before that I played for Legacy, that was a rough year, trying to build up a pro team with young, experienced players. And then I have been with Ironmen for a while now. Just recently left the Ironmen after this last World Cup and played World Cup with Infamous. I was kind of on the fence if I was going to play with Infamous for the upcoming season and they were still trying to figure out their roster and everything. When I was talking to X-Factor, I felt like that would be a better move for me, I would have a bigger role, and I am happy with this move and I am excited for it. I think this is going to be a good year.

The 2013 season is definitely going to be an interesting year. How do you feel about the new format change for the pros, the Champions and the Challengers?

I think it’s cool, it’s a great idea to really make every match interesting. There is something on the line always, you know, those last prelim games are going to be huge and exciting- you are either getting bumped out or keeping your spot. When you are in the Challenger league, those games are exciting too because you are fighting to get back up there every event. You don’t have these boring blow out worthless games that don’t mean anything, and it’s going to help this sport more exciting, which is what we need.

Yeah I totally agree. Well thanks, it’s going to be a good year for you and I’m looking forward to watching you out there coming up, Dallas March 15th-18th. It’s is going to be here real soon!

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