The Breakdown Ep. 5

With so much going down on the field and behind the scenes in the paintball world, Paintball Access has created another outlet for the fans to be informed and entertained. Hosted by Matty Marshall and Todd Martinez– The Breakdown is the newest series from Paintball Access created to get to the heart of the paintball world, with expert analysis and commentary. Think SportsCenter, but for paintball.

Ep5: On this episode of the Breakdown, Hosts Matty Marshall and Todd Martinez talk about the conclusion of the Peoples Choice MVP award, the upcoming Coachs choice MVP awards, and breaking news: Brandon Short leaving the Ironmen for Dynasty, Mykel Kovar leaving X-Factor for the Russians.

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  • Alex Bondi

    I agree with Todd, Federov definitely deserved it in my opinion, love watching that guy play paintball.

    • Issat-Erke Trosten

      I disagree, HH’s guys were so conistent that there really wasnt a real MVP in the squad. While both Ryan and Malloy were those that managed to get some really clutch points thruout the PSP season.
      But grats to Jason, people spoke and he won :)