Breaking News — SD Aftermath to Be Rebuilt as a D1 PSP Team

Legendary Southern California team Aftermath will be coming back for the 2013 season. They will be competing in PSP’s Division 1. This will be a new incarnation of the team, as the majority of Ex-Aftermath players are currently playing with Pro teams.

There may be a few of the old Aftermath players coming back, but who exactly is anyone’s guess at this time.

Mike Hinman, team owner had this to say about bringing back a team he help build into a powerhouse just 4 years ago, “It feels like the right time to bring Aftermath back, the Ironmen need a strong team to draw from and practice against, and with a lot of the old Aftermath players coming back together on the Ironmen, it makes sense to restart Aftermath as a farm team. We thought it would be a great opportunity to bring back a franchise known as a place where players could build their skills up, It will be a good place to build young talent to someday fill Shields.”

Hinman also went on to say he wouldn’t be the main coach of the new Aftermath, because he has his hands full with his duties as the coach of the Ironmen.

It’s easy to speculate this will be a new DYE factory team as well.

More details to follow.

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  • Piero Modolo

    It’s years I’m waiting for this… Thank you paintball!!

  • Alex

    This is awesome! Gives me a new reason to watch D1!

  • Zíp Zöp Zàp

    Rory Namimatsu will be helping to run this team.

  • t-rad

    as of right now i know they have crunchy, rory, tristan, and mcormick.