Drill of the Week – Dodgeball

Drill of the week – Dodgeball
You’re not really playing at a high level of paintball if you’re not able to read streams of incoming paint. In order to be able to see incoming streams of paint you have to get used to seeing incoming paintballs. You can do this through regular play, but just like any other skill, the faster way to mastery is through drills, which work on specific skills.

One of the best ways build in the reflexes needed to dodge paint is a drill called “Dodgeball”.

You will need another player for this. Stand in an open area with two targets about 20 feet from you. Have the other player start shooting paintballs your way, one at a time.

At first, have the player shoot around you, very close to actually hitting you. Get used to the incoming trajectory of the balls. Then, after a few shots, and after you get a feel for it, have the player actually start shooting directly at you, still one at a time.

Do not have a gun in your hand at the first part of this drill.

Dodge the balls as best you can. Do this for twenty or so shots, without your gun. Keep score and challenge your friends or teammates to see who can dodge the most in a row or the most out of twenty, without your gun.

Then, after you have a good handle on watching the incoming paint, grab your gun.

A good paintball player will be able to dodge streams of paint, snapping back into their bunker, and then actually return accurate fire.

Have the other player start shooting at you again, one ball at a time. Now, this time after each shot comes your way, fire at one of the targets, right handed.

Before the next shot comes your way, switch hands. Then after the next ball comes towards you, fire at the other target.

Keep doing this, alternating hands until you have shot each target five times, keeping score of how many shots it takes you to score ten hits.

Besides being very productive, this is also a really fun (remember, fun is the whole purpose of paintball!) drill to do at the beginning of a practice or at the end of the session, when things are winding down for the day.

There are many variations on this drill. One of them is to grab a pod and see it you can guide the pod in your hand to hit the incoming ball.

Do this drill enough and you’ll be instinctually dodging paintballs during your gunfights and corner runs in no time!

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    It would be great to make a video of this drill to give a visual explanation. Awesome suggestion!

  • Anon

    I agree a diagram showing everyone’s positions would be helpful. The way this was written I understand the shooter to be 20 ft from me which seems way to close to dodge paint.

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    Alex Fraige DodgeBALL Team Dynasty