• MikeM

    Most interesting games to watch might be A: Dynasty v X-Factor (Sat. 3PM), B: VICIOUS v Impact (Thurs. 3:45PM), C: Infamous v 187 (Fri. 12:45pm). Though admittedly, with all the changes, all the games should be interesting esp. Impact and Russians vs. anyone

  • wes pb

    tbd for life

  • SDDynasty

    Dynasty all day

  • San Antonio fan

    X-Factor and Heat all the way!!!!

  • GOAT

    There should be a option for you to pay say , 5$ a day or 10$ a weekend to watch without ads. So you guys still make your money and we can watch without all the same ads playing over and over again.

    • pbmom#1

      that would be a great idea….

  • Boricua en Alemania

    Dynasty yay yay, hi from Germany

  • Boricua en Alemania

    Hello, Legion keep balling :)

  • Spike68

    What time will the PRO Final be?

  • kreeton

    there should also be an option to watch some of the lower divisions or at least the d1 games. maybe other cameras that we can switch back and forth between.

  • Cantstopalan

    Cant wait for the LA infamous vs LA ironmen game

    • trev0

      yep. it will be interesting to see how the ironmen do against a good team