Injury Report: Brandon Short Out For 6-10 Weeks For Broken Hand

San Diego — Dynasty’s Brandon Short has broken his hand at practice this past weekend. The injury is going to require surgery and he will be out 6-10 weeks. This is a blow to Dynasty’s offense on the snake side of the field, but the team should still have enough depth to cover the loss.

Short made the move over to Dynasty this offseason, leaving the Los Angeles Ironmen, whom he had been with since the start of his career. He had won two championships with the Ironmen, and is widely considered one of the best snake players of the past ten years.

This move puts a lot of pressure on Kyle Spicka and Tyler Harmon, who are both starting their first year with Dynasty, after playing the past few years with the Ironmen and XSV. Dynasty has other veterans who could fill the spot left vacant by the injured Short, it will be interesting to see what lineup Coach Rusty Glaze comes up with for Dynasty’s starting 5.

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