Breaking News: Matty Marshall to coach CEP

Matty Marshall will be moving out of the announcer booth to coach Chattanooga CEP. Chris Lasoya will be moving in to take over as main announcer for the PBA webcast and will take over editorial duties at PBA as well.

Marshall won championships during his 6 year stint on the Ironmen and helped form XSV before he retired to work in the paintball media full time in 2008, after a successful pro career spanning over 10 years.

After having a terrible 2012, CEP has made it into the Champions Division on the back of their stellar play during the 2013 PSP Dallas Open last month. They beat great teams, they’re talent is playing the best they ever have, and a coach is the missing piece to their puzzle.

Marshall had this to say about his career move, “CEP played with so much heart in Dallas, and just needs a coach to take their game to the next level. I’ve gotten to know their Captain Robbie Goldsmith over the years and “Big Money” gave me offer I just couldn’t refuse. I’m looking forward to helping guide their squad to the championship this season and many to come.”

Lasoya had this to say about his promotion, “Matty’s good but I’m better. He’s also a drill sergeant behind the scenes, so I’m glad he’s gone. He’s been stealing my shine for over a year now. I’m looking forward to leading the webcast charge, and can’t wait for MAO May 3rd -5th.”

This may come as a shock to people but Marshall has been looking to coach another team after his unsuccessful stint with the D3 Unknown Soldiers 5 years ago, where they never made it to Sunday but got paintball famous anyway for arguing with each other and underperforming in the YouTube web series titled “Unknown Soldiers”.

More details to follow.

Mark your calendars for the second event of the 2013 PSP season brought to you live from OXCC Paintball Park May 3rd – 5th. The new Champions and Challenger format makes its debut at the Mid Atlantic Open, don’t miss it!
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Editor’s Note: APRIL FOOLS!

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  • Brad

    This better be an april fools day joke.

  • Bryan Parks

    L O L PBA. i was like…in awe….confused….As much as I love Lasoya…Marshal is the “Voice of Paintball”

    then I read Brads comment.

    YOU ….you… XD good one PBA

  • trevor the great

    in a way its cool. but now that todd is gone, i cant see him abandoning his post. its obviously an april fools joke

  • Jordan Beck

    As much as I love hearing Matty comment on everything, I’d actually like to see him leave. Not because I hate him but because I’d love to see a younger team like CEP make it to the top like Vicious did not so long ago. Hope this isn’t a joke, I feel he can pull CEP to the top.

  • chad

    wow the webcast are not going to be nearly as good without Matty!

  • Thomas

    Hey guys “editor note: April fools” have a nice week <3 read the whole thing.

  • alex

    man, I was kinda hoping this was real but at the same time hoping it was. It’d be awesome to see what matty could do with CEP now that they’ve started to finally click, but it would also suck to not hear his voice on the webcast.