Roster Updates: 2013 PSP MAO

Roster Updates-PSP MAO

The Ironmen have picked up Mike McCormick, who used to play with San Diego Dynasty, and SD Aftermath until recently. But Ironmen just recently lost Tok Hamil and Eric Humphries. Hamil moves over to play with San Jose Royalty, which instantly makes the new Challengers league team stronger. San Jose Royalty also has picked up Chris Catt, who had made it on the Ironmen back in 2011, but then left the sport to focus on college. The two of them could help make Royalty a contender. It’s unclear why Humphries has decided to step away, but sources close to the team say it’s to focus on his career.

Infamous was trying out Nicky “Vegas” Martin and Brandon Mayo this past weekend in their practice against Tampa Bay Damage in Florida. Vegas, a star player 5 years ago for XSV, who has been playing for the New Jersey Jesters for the past two seasons, was looking to fill the front position opening created by the loss of Zach Patient due to a torn ACL. Mayo made his name playing aggressive for Avalanche years ago, and was a featured player in the classic paintball film Cereal Killers 2.

Damage also had new players trying out: G-No Benedicto formerly of Infamous, Paul “LP” Evert, who has played with Tampa in the past, and Alex Young, who has spent time on the field for Arsenal.

Teams are ramping up their efforts in preparation for the PSP Mid Atlantic Open, which is about to go down in two weeks May 3rd -5th. PBA will keep you informed and let know how the teams are shaping up for what could be one of the most dramatic events in years, with the introduction of the new Champions vs. Challengers division. At MAO, we will find out which two Challengers teams will be moving up, and which two Champions teams will be getting relegated down.

Mark your calendars for the second event of the 2013 PSP season brought to you live from OXCC Paintball Park May 3rd – 5th. The new Champions and Challenger format makes its debut at the Mid Atlantic Open, don’t miss it!

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  • Herodz

    Who’s left on Ironmen from last season roster (other than Paxson, L.J and A-Rod)???
    Wasn’t last year a re-building year???
    BTW, no hatred. Just to much personnel changes since World Cup.

  • JS

    187 cRew also picked up Matt Darula, who played NPPL with Avalanche and played with T1 in Dallas.