2013 PSP Mid-Atlantic Open: Points Played

One of the fundamental truisms of competitive sports is that some players bear much more of the on-field burden than their teammates. Here are Top 5 players in the Points Played category through two events. Three of the top 5 players are on teams who had been dropped down to the Challengers division, and the other two are from the Ton Ton Flingueurs. Also interesting to note: three of these players are the team Captains for their squads. The lower ranked teams just don’t have the depth in their rosters that the higher ranked, highly funded teams have, so they have to rely on just a few stars to do all the work. Check out the numbers and draw you own conclusions.

1. Riley Sullivan- Sacramento XSV – 100% – Played 37 of 37 points
Out of the 37 points Sacramento XSV has played on the Champions field, Sullivan has played every single one. Sullivan is the main weapon for XSV on the D-side of the field. He’s done a great job at getting up the field, but hasn’t been staying alive long enough to make a real difference. Since XSV doesn’t have much depth in the front position, they’re going to need more production out of Sullivan if they want to compete.

2. Fabrice Colombo – Ton Ton Flingueurs – 99% -Played 80 of 81 points
Colombo, and the rest of the crew from the Ton Tons, are playing with a big chip on their shoulders; they are playing to prove they belong in the Champions league with the other best teams in the world. Through two events, they’ve proved it. They’re not winning tournaments, but they are showing they can hang with everybody. Now that they have more confidence they could start to be a contender. Colombo is a huge part of this, as the captain of the team and the man who’s on a mission to prove the French can play with the best of em’.

(Tied) 3. Corey Field – Seattle Thunder – 97% -Played 34 of 35 points

Corey Field is the Captain and prime mover behind the best team from the Pacific Northwest, Seattle Thunder. He’s become paintball famous over the years for his ability to pull points out when down bodies. He’s dropped weight and is looking like a younger version of himself, and his slimmer frame has made him much more versatile on the field.

(Tied) 3. Nick Leival –Upton 187 Crew – 97% – Played 62 of 64 points
The captain of a team is many times the best player on the team, and Upton 187’s Nick Leival is a classic representation of this paintball principle. He’s only sat 2 points so far in games on the Champions field, and this makes sense, because he’s an aggressive beast, always looking to finish points, and break open holes his front players create. He was the leader in this category year season, where he only sat 6 point during the whole year. 187 earned there way back into the Champions division with their 2nd place Challengers performance at the MAO. But the question is… Can they stay there? If they want to hang around with the best teams in the world, Nick Leival needs to continue to hone his considerable talent.

5. Loic Voulot – Ton Ton Flingueurs – 96% – Played 78 of 81 points
Consistency is key, and that simple expression is why the Ton Tons are hanging with, and beating, some of the best teams the PSP has to offer. Their starting 5 players are all in the top twenty of the Points Played statistic. They are truly just riding their best players and letting them find the rhythm of high reps. If you want a reason why they are stepping up this season, it’s their role players; on the webcast you’ll hear names like Gaudin and Samuelsson, and those guys are killing lots of opponents, but everyone on the starting 5 is pulling their weight, and Voulot is one of those consistent players who’s helping his front killers do their work.

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  • DoritoEyes

    Colombo playing every point is ridiculous. That guy is really not that good, classic case of a player/captain playing himself every point regardless of how hes playing.



      • DoritoEyes

        Haha what? Am I right or am I right?

        • DoritoGlasses

          DoritoEyes you should try paintball in PSP format, it’s load of fun !
          TonTon throws everything they had on the field to be, and stay in Champion Division. Did you notice that they decide to line up nearly same all 5 european players for first 2 events, while Team usually have 2 different squads to choose from ? Kind of risky, but not that bad !!!
          Moreover, Colombo was picked up few years ago to play with Philly in PSP. I’m not sure they were stupid enough deciding to spend money on a french newbie since they could find loads of talented players on their soil. I really felt sorry that maybe some of your tryouts for Pro teams may have goes wrong pal, but Colombo while not perfect player, deserve a bit of respect.

          He’s not regardless as a Captain/player, he’s making it happen for victory with its teamates, as results speaks for itself. If you disagree, beat him down on the field. Colombo is a kind and funny guy, I’m sure he will help you out to achieve your goal, of being a better player. Keep up !

    • TK

      Hahaa no comment Einstein

  • Daniel

    Dude if I could play every point I would lol