After 2 Events: The Topgun after MAO

Every player wants to be at the top of the game, to be the guy the coaches and fellow players look to when it’s tied 5-5 with a minute left and someone needs to make magic happen.

Here are the Top 5 statistical players in the game though 2 events. Who do you think will be at the Top of the heap after Chicago?

#1 Bobby Aviles –Los Angeles Infamous – Overall Player Rating: 84.02

Bobby Aviles retains his top spot. His team struggled the first day in Maryland but picked it up after that, and Bobby still was able to put solid numbers on the board every day of the event. You need a certain mix of talent and experience to really play role of the “2”, or the second attacker, and Aviles has a ton of both. Bobby is a huge asset to his team because of his ability to read situations and then react to them. Long time fans of the game and top players alike, when told Bobby’s the Top Gun leader, just nod and smile; insiders have always known how good Aviles is, and the numbers just confirm what everyone has always known.

#2 Zach Sherman –Omaha Vicious – Overall Player Rating: 81.38

It should be a big pat on the back for Zach Sherman to rank this high, but he’s not one to pat himself on the back; he’s a bit more blue collar. He’s been one of the best players on Vicious for a long time now, but normally the spotlight for goes to Vicious’ front players. Zach Sherman and the rest of Vicious won the Challengers division, so the numbers he’s put up to earn his Overall Player Ranking come from the points he’s played on the Champions field. Vicious will be playing in the Champions Division again in Chicago. Sherman is the Captain of the team, and now that Vicious has a full time coach in Todd Martinez, we should see the best out of Zach Sherman, as he can now focus on just playing the game.

#3 Justin Rabackoff – Edmonton Impact – Overall Player Rating: 80.36

It looks like the move from Tampa Bay Damage over to Edmonton Impact is paying dividends for Jrab. He struggled last year, but only when you compare his play in 2012 to his play in years past. But he is fitting in nicely as the main wrecking ball on the Snake side of the field for his new team. He’s the #1 Player in the Kill Count, the Top Killer in the league, and that is the main reason he’s the #3 player in the league right now.

#4 Kyle Spicka –San Diego Dynasty – Overall Player Rating: 79.09

Kyle Spicka is finally living up to his potential; he’s looking fast and fluid, and fitting in perfect with the rest of the guys on Dynasty. He’s ranked 3rd in the Kill Count, which is 30% over your overall ranking, so that combined with his high Win Rating, is the main reason he’s ranked so high this season. But by looking at how he’s approaching his position, as the first attacker on the snake side, you can see why Dynasty is so happy with his performance right now.

#5 Karl Samuelsson –Ton Ton Flingueurs – Overall Player Rating: 77.56
Continuing his solid work on the D-side for the Ton Tons, Karl Samuelsson is proving he can play well against anyone. It’s his gunfighting ability that sets the tone is his game; if there was a snap shooting championship, he’d be one of the favorites. The Ton Ton’s are running mainly with their 5 starters, and though they are all playing very well, it’s Samuelsson work that’s really setting the bar for the rest of the team. He’s been a huge pick up for the best team in France. He’s actually Swedish, coming up in the Joy Division program, and he’s proving European paintball players deserve praise and recognition.

Check out the stats here and draw your own conclusions about how the top players match up!

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