2013 PSP Chicago Open Winfluence

How does your presence on the field affect your team’s Winning Percentage? This is what the Winfluence statistic measures– your personal Win Influence.

Say your team is winning 50% of all their points, yet when you’re on the field, the team is winning 75% of the points. So your personal Win Influence is 25%.

Hence the term– Winfluence. And it is worth 15% of a player’s Overall Player Ranking (OPR).

Here are the top players in Winfluence category from the last event, with their numbers from the Chicago Open.

1.Dave Bains – Edmonton Impact
Points played: 18 Points Won: 13 Win %: 72.22% Team Win %: 56.25% Winfluence: 15.97%

Also at the top of the Win Rating category, Dave Bains is making the most of limited playing time. One could argue Bains is the most successful pro player of the past ten years, with all the championship teams he’s played with during the past decade. But Impact is still looking for wins on Sunday to push them past the semi-finals. They have the roster to do exactly that, so look for them to make a run at the West Coast Open.

2. Alexandre Pizon – Ton Ton Flingueurs
Points played: 11 Points Won: 5 Win %: 45.45% Team Win %: 33.33% Winfluence: 12.12%

It’s hard to crack the starting line up of any of professional paintball team, but the Ton Ton’s are particular hard; they have really only been running with about 6 or 7 guys this season. Pizon has been trying to work his way onto the starting lineup, and ended up getting some playing time in Chicago, but the Ton Tons struggled at the event and ended up getting relegated, along with Upton 187 Crew, down to the Challengers league.

3. Alex Goldman – Los Angeles Ironmen
Points played: 37 Points Won: 19 Win %: 51.35% Team Win %: 42.22% Winfluence: 9.13%

As the Chicago event started to play itself out, Alex Goldman started to look more and more like the widely feared snake performer he’s been for years. Playing his best when he’s the first in the snake, Goldman has spent some time playing the “2” or the second attacker this season, mostly because his teammate Danny Park is starting to live up to his potential in the snake. Though not an ideal spot for him, Goldman is starting to find a rhythm when put in the “2” position.

3. Oliver Lang – San Diego Dynasty
Points played: 28 Points Won: 19 Win %: 67.86% Team Win %: 58.73% Winfluence: 9.13%

At his best when creatively attacking up the field, Ollie Lang is helping Dynasty win games this season. Very few people have Lang’s field vision, or his timing, both of which he has used to play well off Dynasty’s new pick-ups, and utilize the field layout’s strengths. Oliver is having one of his best seasons in years. Dynasty has won two events this season, and just finished 2nd to Houston Heat. Though Heat looked amazing winning Chicago, Dynasty is still the team to beat in 2013.

4. Paul “LP” Evert – Tampa Bay Damage
Points played: 8 Points Won: 5 Win %: 62.50% Team Win %: 53.85% Winfluence: 8.65%

A long time member of the franchise, Paul “LP” Evert comes back to the Damage roster after taking time away from the game. He has done well in limited action this season, and if he keeps making the most of his playing time, we will see more of him; Damage’s Coach Kevin Bredthauer will get you out on the field if you perform. Damage has underperformed this year, and they haven’t been able to find their winning mojo, even though they are still one of the best teams in the league. They could break out at the West Coast Open.

Check out the Winfluence stats for yourself here.

Mark your calendars for the 4th event of the 2013 PSP season, the PSP West Coast Open, brought to you live from the AB Brown Sports Complex in Riverside, CA, August 16th – 18th, by Paintball Access. Can Upton 187 Crew and the Ton Tons fight out of the Challengers Division? Will Houston Heat win their second tournament of the year? Can Dynasty make it to the finals 4 events in row? Find out the answers as the best paintball players in the world fight it out at the PSP West Coast Open!

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