2013 PSP Chicago Workhorses: Points Played

Ultimately, how many points you play for your team is a vote of confidence from your peers, because the players getting the most reps represent the best a team believes it has to offer.

Let’s take a look at the leaders in the Points Played statistical leaders from the PSP Chicago Open.

#1 Damian Ryan – Los Angeles Infamous
Total Points Played: 56 Total Team Points Played: 56 %played: 100%

With the way Damian Ryan is playing this season, it’s obvious the new Infamous Coach Travis Lemanski would send him out for every single point they played in the PSP Chicago Open. Though Infamous isn’t having the year they wanted to, and underperformed again in Chicago, an event they won last year, Ryan is making a strong case for the season’s MVP honors. Versatile and relentless, Ryan is one of the best players in the game right now

#2 Nick Leival – Upton 187 Crew
Total Points Played: 44 Total Team Points Played: 45 %played: 98%

Having a breakout rookie season last year, Nick Leival hasn’t yet become the dominant monster onlookers have expected him to become, and his team the 187 Crew, has bounced up and down from the Challengers Division this season. But they understand the road to professional success in the paintball world is long, and they are down for the adventure.

#3 Chambon Franck – Ton Ton Flingueurs
Total Points Played: 49 Total Team Points Played: 51 %played: 96%

For anyone who has been watching the players on the Ton Tons during the webcast, you’ve heard names like “Gaudin” and “Samuelsson” time and time again and for good reason; they’re awesome players who have proved themselves. But even though the Ton Tons had a very frustrating event, and will have to fight out of the Challengers league at the West Coast Open next month, Franck had a standout event and looked deadly on the snake side. He could be a top player in the PSP if he keeps playing at this level.

#4 Drew Templeton – Los Angeles Infamous
Total Points Played: 53 Total Team Points Played: 56 %played: 95%

Veterans like Templeton aren’t easy to come by, he can play the front snake, he can play front D-side, he can play behind and off of hyper aggressive first attackers; he can play numerous rolls for Infamous, and that’s one of the reasons its easy to give Templeton spins.

#5 Loic Voulot – Ton Ton Flingueurs
Total Points Played: 48 Total Team Points Played: 51 %played: 94%

Voulot is another Ton Ton who has vast potential and can play with the best the PSP has to offer. They’re working on improving their depth, and players like Voulot are crucial to their success; the Ton Tons have a bunch of great first attackers (the “1’s”) who are great at breaking open holes, but at the highest levels of the game, many points close points are won by the mid players (the “2’s”). Voulot is one of these guys, and it looks like he’s up for the job.

Now, let’s take a look at the season totals for the Top Five, which have many of the same players with two noticeable differences.

#1 Riley Sullivan – Sacramento XSV
Total Points Played: 37 Total Team Points Played: 37 %played: 100%

#2 Nick Leival – Upton 187 Crew
Total Points Played: 106 Total Team Points Played: 109 %played: 97%

#3 Corey Field – Seattle Thunder
Total Points Played: 34 Total Team Points Played: 35 %played: 97%

#4 Damian Ryan – Los Angeles Infamous
Total Points Played: 140 Total Team Points Played: 145 %played: 97%

#5 Loic Voulot – Ton Ton Flingueurs
Total Points Played: 126 Total Team Points Played: 132 %played: 95%

Both Corey Field and Riley Sullivan are key members of their teams, who have low points played totals for the year because stats are only kept on the Champions field and both of their teams have been stuck trying to fight their way out of a very competitive Challengers League. Only time will tell if they can get back in there with the ten best teams in the world at any given time, which is the definition of the Champions League in the PSP.

Mark your calendars for the 4th event of the 2013 PSP season, the PSP West Coast Open, brought to you live from the AB Brown Sports Complex in Riverside, CA, August 16th – 18th, by Paintball Access. Can Upton 187 Crew and the Ton Tons fight out of the Challengers Division? Will Houston Heat win their second tournament of the year? Can Dynasty make it to the finals 4 events in row? Find out the answers as the best paintball players in the world fight it out at the PSP West Coast Open!

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