Revo Interview: Henry Stentz

For the past 3 years, Revo has been making their way up through the Divisional ranks. They moved up to Division 1 for 2013, but had two disappointing finishes in a row early in the season, taking 8th place in their first two events.

They came out guns blazing at the PSP Chicago Open, winning the event. Paintball Access checks in with team Captain Henry Sentz about their win, as well as the future of the team.

Congrats on Revo’s Division 1 victory. Revo has been around for a while, and found success in the past. Could you give the fans at home a history of the team and how you guys got to this point in your paintball careers?
The reason this team even exists is because of Rick Hartman putting so much time and effort to get us where we are today. In 2009, the team started getting serious by competing in the EPL series, D4-5man and winning the series title that year. 2010 was more of a “building year,” we were preparing before taking the team to a national event, we mostly stuck to local tournaments, along with the NYPL.

2011 was one of the biggest advancements of the team so far. We competed in the PSP in D3 X-Ball where we won Galveston and World Cup, finished 2nd in New Jersey, and 5th in Chicago, resulting in us winning the Series Championship and World Cup for the first time.

2012 we made the bump to Division 2. The first event was in Galveston and we came up short, finishing 2nd in our first D2 event. The next event Phoenix we played on the same layout, which we felt suited our style of play, which is very controlled. We finished first in our 2nd D2 tournament. In Chi-Town we finished 4th.

The 2012 Mid Atlantic Open, which was in our backyard, was the first tournament the team has been knocked out in the prelims since the team has been together. After our humiliating loss at MAO we decided we needed some more help so we brought in Sam Monville from Houston Heat to coach us. And for World Cup we made a new pick up of G-no Benidicto who has been around us for a long time and his experience in the game would help us.

All the hard work we put in before World Cup definitely paid off because that was one of the best times the team has played together as a whole, dominating everyone we played and going undefeated in the whole tournament. This was our second World Cup win, making it back-to-back, and also back-to-back series titles.

After yet another Series Championship, we decided to make the bump up to play in Division 1 this year. Our start to the D1 season was a rocky one; we finished 8th at the first two events. For Chicago we focused on playing even more as a team, making coordinated moves, and it paid off with our first D1 win.

Are you the captain of the team now? How did you find yourself in this position?

Yes, this is my first year as the captain. The past two seasons the team has been run by Carlos Beltran who decided to take a break this year. I found myself in this position because I was always Co-Captain and because Carlos and our owner Rick Hartman asked me to step up.

A lot of people don’t know how hard it is to win at the divisional level. There are a ton of teams down there you have to fight through. What was Revo’s mentality heading into the event? It’s been really cool to see the progression and advancement of the level of talent in the different Divisions over the past few years.
Coming off two losses at the beginning of the season we were desperately looking for a win. The big difference in D1 is there are no more “slouch” teams and the gun skills are a ton better.

I know you’re probably going to say “it was a team effort” and I’m sure it was, but who was really playing well for you guys during your win in Chicago? Who are the players the fans should watch when they see Revo on the webcast again, or if people get a chance to see your team play in person?
With Revo it’s always a team effort, but the main threats on Revo are Mike Baker, Myself, Steve Omara, Stacy Smith, LJ Hartman, and Chris Lloyd.

What was the hardest part of the tournament for Revo? Did it ever look bad for you guys, or were you stomping teams out the whole time?
We had a pretty dominant event even, though we had a tough loss against LA Collision. Most of the event the point margin was very lop-sided in our favor except the Collision and VCK matches.

What are the elements of the game you’re working on before the next event? What do you think your weaknesses are?
We all feel that “playing as a team” and gun skills are a big part on succeeding in paintball, which are things we are constantly working on every weekend.

And what are the strengths of the team? And how are you guys able to keep moving forward up through the ranks? There’s a lot of turn over at the divisional level, how do you hold on to the talent you have, and keep developing it?
The core of our team is our biggest strength; we’ve been playing together for the past 5 years and we’re very comfortable playing with each other. Another big strength of the team is our lanes off the break.

What does the future hold for Revo, and are you guys trying to get to the professional level one day? Maybe get into the Challengers league? You’re only one step away at this point.
Next season we are looking to make the bump to the Challengers division, like everybody else we’ve all dreamed about playing professional and, at the moment, we are very close.

Any advice for teams or players trying to advance through the Divisions, like you guys have been doing the past couple of years?
Consistency is key, play as much as you can and just stick with it. Also, it’s always about having fun.

Do you have a favorite moment from your Chicago Open win?

The most memorable moment from Chicago… After the Victory against VCK, watching Steve Omara break down and cry from pure excitement from the win and saying all he wanted to do was call and tell his mom.

Anybody you want to thank?
We’d like to give a shout out to all of our sponsors, Rick Hartman, GI Sportz, Planet Eclipse, V-Force, Paintball Adventure Park, P4 Paintball, Murdertron, Social Paintball, Im2 Studios, Exalt, and Raza.

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