Scouting Report: Houston Heat

Up until their win at the Chicago Open it had been a string of 5th place finishes since their amazing 2012 season that saw Houston Heat win three events and the PSP World Championship. The beginning of this season was all Dynasty, but Heat stepped up to beat them in the final in Chicago, and they are the only pro teams to win tournaments in the past 5 events.

Heat should be strong at the up coming West Coast Open; they will have Snake specialists Ronnie Dizon (ranked 20th overall) and Chad George (ranked 22nd overall), their second and third highest ranked players, back from foot injuries. The whole team stepped up in their absence, especially All Star Konstantin Fedorov (ranked 7th overall), who played out of this mind in their Chicago win, and was a killing machine during most points. Sergei Solnyshkov (ranked 28th overall) handled his business playing behind Fedorov during their win.

Heading into Chicago, critics were wondering if Heat was going to be able to compete with the best teams minus George and Dizon, but Solnyshkov, Fedorov, Sam Monville (ranked 64th overall) did their jobs on the snake side to help win the tournament.

It’s not really that surprising though considering Fedorov made his name blasting up the snake side for Moscow Red Legion in the mid 2000’s. With George and Dizon coming back it will be interesting t see what Coach Jason Trosen does with lines this event. Dizon was really starting to come into his own after a good breakout year last season. George has been mentioned by many coaches as the best snake player in paintball last season.

Except for the recent addition of Jacob Edwards (ranked 31st overall), who came over from Tampa Bay Damage, the squad is exactly the same as it was in 2012, which is bad news for the rest of the league, because they are stacked. Heat has seven players ranked in the top 40, so it’s easy to see why they will continue to have a chance to win any tournament they enter

Nick Slowiak (ranked 27th overall) has really shined in limited action, and Mikhail Knyazev (ranked 39th overall), who was the original Russian superstar before Fedorov came up, is still very consistent. He holds it together on the D-side and up the middle for Heat.

As long as their main contributors are on the field, and they are getting good efforts from the rest of the team when they get their reps, Heat will be a favorite to win any event.

Mark your calendars for the 4th event of the 2013 PSP season, the PSP West Coast Open, brought to you live from the AB Brown Sports Complex in Riverside, CA, August 16th – 18th, by Paintball Access.

Can Upton 187 Crew and the Ton Tons fight out of the Challengers Division? Will Houston Heat win their second tournament of the year? Can Dynasty make it to the finals 4 events in row? Find out the answers as the best paintball players in the world fight it out at the PSP West Coast Open!

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    The Houston Heat going to win this event too.