Scouting Report: Los Angeles Infamous

Los Angeles Infamous is versatile and hungry, experienced and dangerous, and they play best when their backs are against the wall. But they’re know for their hot and cold play, you just never know what you’re going to get when Infamous takes the field. That’s been the story for this team all year long, but they know this and understand consistency has been lacking, and it’s something the team is collectively trying to combat.

Current inconsistency aside, Infamous is one of only 4 teams who’ve been able to win a PSP event in the past 2½ years (Chicago 2012), and they can win any event they enter. They haven’t played up to expectations so far this season, though they’ve avoided getting relegated to the Challengers Division twice this year, and are on the hunt for a win.

Travis Lemanski (unranked), the captain of the team and founding member, has pulled back from on field involvement in order to help coach the team, and brought in Greg Posey, who used to play with Chicago Aftershock years ago, to help out with the coaching duties.

The team is not missing talent; they actually have one of the best line-ups in the game, as Infamous’ solid roster is filled with weapons in every position. Damian Ryan (ranked 4th Overall) is playing out of his mind this season and is easily their best player this year, and one of the best in the league. The rest of the team has struggled with consistency. Bobby Aviles (ranked 8th Overall), was the in the Top Gun leader through the first two events, but dropped down seven spots after Chicago.

Drew Templeton (ranked 57th Overall) and Brad McCurley (ranked 81st Overall) are both solid contributors; McCurley had a knee injury that sidelined him for a while but he’s back stronger than ever, and Templeton does well as a Mid player or a Front player, on either side of the field. Nicky Cuba (ranked 50th Overall) and Kevin “Cali” Rudolph (ranked 11th Overall) are clutch players. Based on what we’ve seen in the past ten year of his career, Cuba still has more in tank, as we haven’t seen him play his best ball in the PSP in the first 3 events, and Rudolph is proving he can play pretty much any spot on the field. AJ Trillet (ranked 87th Overall) and Brandon Mayo (ranked 98th Overall) have seen limited action this year, but are very capable coming off the bench to help relieve any starters who are fatigued. As long as Infamous has these star players, they’ll always be in the running to win events.

Mark your calendars for the 4th event of the 2013 PSP season, the PSP West Coast Open, brought to you live from the AB Brown Sports Complex in Riverside, CA, August 16th – 18th, by Paintball Access.

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