Scouting Report: San Antonio X-Factor

With a reignited fire for the game, San Antonio X-Factor has trained hard since the beginning of 2012. It’s been six long years since they last hoisted the first place PSP trophy. The owner of the team, Alex Martinez, was adamant about the team putting in the effort required to contend with the best teams in the world. When X-Factor plays their best, they can beat anybody, but they keep having heartbreak after heartbreak, keeping them from achieving their goal of winning another PSP tournament.

Despite their efforts the best they’ve able to finish this season is 6th place at the Mid Atlantic Open. Plagued with penalties, X-Factor just hasn’t been able to get their full squad rolling, though they’ve shown they can beat big teams and have avoided getting relegated to the Challengers Division. They have parted ways with Zack Wake (ranked 80th Overall), who, despite his obvious high level of talent, has found it impossible to stay out of the penalty box.

The team’s core has been playing together for a long time and currently contains the talent to win tournaments. Colt Roberts’ (ranked 61st Overall) skill must be respected on the D-side. He’s always pushing forward and has been a huge contributor to the team since their first rise to the top. Scott Kemp (ranked 70th Overall), who spent the bulk of his time as a professional with the Los Angeles Ironmen, joins Colt on the D-side attack.

Grayson Goff (ranked 49th Overall) was the team’s highest ranked player last season, and he continues to perform, but hasn’t put up the same numbers he did last season. Dixon Yang (ranked 112th Overall) has become a fixture again after a few years away from the game, but has more in the tank. Todd Morrow (ranked 52nd Overall) is very talented and has pulled off big points in the past. The main snake killer for X-Factor is long time pro Billy Bernacchia (ranked 86th Overall), who is coming into his own after a slow start last season.

Diversifying the push on the snake side is rookie Demetri Ninios (ranked 45th Overall), who came over from Texas Storm at the beginning of the season, he’s playing solid this year, as is veteran all star Archie Montemayor (ranked 17th Overall), who’s their highest ranked player. X-Factor took 3rd at the World Cup last season, and this was before they grabbed one of the most seasoned coaches in the game Paul Richards to help them in the quest to win. So the future is bright for the Texas boys. They can threaten for wins if they stay out of the penalty box and play together, and win the close games they always seem to find themselves competing in.

Can X-Factor fight their way back to the top? Mark your calendars for the 4th event of the 2013 PSP season, the PSP West Coast Open, brought to you live from the AB Brown Sports Complex in Riverside, CA, next week, August 16th – 18th, by Paintball Access.

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