Top 5 Games

There were some amazing games this past weekend during the PSP West Coast Open. Here are the PBA staff picks for the Top five games of the weekend. Check them out, along with all the other games from webcast, On-Demand. What do you think were the best games of the tournament?

5. Moscow Red Legion vs. Houston Heat

These two teams have history, because Heat took three of the best Russian players to form their squad in the beginning of 2012. Legion was not able to beat Heat until this match. And it was close one.

4. Los Angeles Ironmen vs. Moscow Red Legion

After Moscow erases a 5-2 deficit, Marcello Margott runs through the middle with Alex Goldman to hang the flag with 3 seconds left.

3. San Jose Royalty vs. Sacramento XSV

We knew things were going to get interesting on this field layout early on in the event when the two dominate Northern California teams battle each other in the second game of the tournament.

2. Houston Heat vs. San Diego Dynasty

This was a prelim rematch of the final game from Chicago between the only two teams who won event in 2013 until last week. It was one of the most exciting matches in years between two of the very best teams in the game.

1. Ton Tons vs. Chicago Aftershock

There haven’t been very many games in the past ten years that have generated the buzz this game has, based mostly on the Ton Tons’ hot gun controversy. But the game was very close and it decided who was going to be playing in the Champions Division for World Cup.

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