Top Rookie Killers – Part 2

Top Rookie Killers 

Though there are divisions for all levels of skill, the professional division in the PSP is the most unforgiving paintball league in the world, with the hardest working, most talented and experienced players battling against each other 5 events a year. It’s hard to stand out, especially as a rookie, as most of the players taking the field for the top-level teams have been playing at the pro level for a long time. But every year we see new faces, and a few of those have caught our eye this season. Here are a few of the new killers who have come into the league this season and started to earn respect among their peers.


Demetri Ninios – San Antonio X-Factor – Ranked 52nd Overall

Even though Ninios had 3 major penalties at the last event in Riverside that really hurt San Antonio X-Factor, (and his overall player ranking) he is still one of the most talented and experienced rookies in the league this season, and looks to play a major roll on X-Factor moving forward. Coming into the 2013 PSP season, he was highly touted, and through 4 events his skills have shined through as he’s lived up to expectations, despite the penalty hiccups at the last event. Fighting up through the ranks the hard way, Ninios is polished, and definitely has the skills to play at the highest levels of the game. He could be huge threat to the other snake players in the league and help establish X-Factor as a top team again. Ninios has the skills to be a star in the PSP pro league.


Luis Munoz – Omaha Vicious – Ranked 96th Overall

Sometimes, all you need is chance to show off your skills in front of someone who actually makes personnel decisions for a big name team. This is exactly what happened to Luis Munoz when he played in the NCPA championships. He was a student at FGCU and one of their best players. Todd Martinez, coach of Omaha Vicious, was announcing the games and watched Munoz decimate opponents all over the field, doing things others players weren’t capable of, en route to winning the College Championship. After this performance, Martinez got Munoz a tryout with Vicious and he made the team. Through 2 events, Munoz has seen some reps, always playing far up front, looking to do damage. He’s tiny, fast, aggressive, with a willingness to work hard to achieve his dream of being one of the best players in the world and helping his team win. Though the numbers don’t show it yet, this kid’s talent is legit, and he’s a player to watch in the future.


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