Win Rating Leaders – PSP West Coast Open

The Win Rating is a basic statistic; it’s a simple of measure, a percentage, of wins and losses from the total amount of points played. In competitive paintball, you have to wins points to win games, and often times you hear players talking about focusing on taking things “one point at a time”. So, who are the players winning the biggest percentage of their points played, both from the last event and the season as a whole?  Let’s take a look.

Here are the leaders from the PSP West Coast Open.

#1  Ryan Moorhead – Edmonton Impact

Points played: 29     Points Won: 21    Win Percentage: 72.41%

Few players are as consistently aggressive as Ryan Moorhead, who has helped lead the charge for Impact on the snake side in 2013. As a team, they are very close to winning form, finishing 2nd to Damage at the last event, where Moorhead continued the solid attack he’s been mounting all season long. Impact is one of the favorites to win the PSP World Cup, especially if Moorhead continues to play the way he has this season.

#2  Tim Montressor – Edmonton Impact

Points played: 27     Points Won: 19       Win Percentage: 70.37%

One of the most respected players in the game, Montressor has been handling his duties as the support player on Impact well during the middle of the season. His leadership, cunning, and tenacity have always helped the top teams he’s played on during his long career. He’s not the fastest player on the roster but he uses his timing and gunfighting ability to help his front players, and put him in position to close points.

#3 Kirill Prikhidni  – Moscow Red Legion

Points played: 26     Points Won: 18       Win Percentage: 69.23%

As one of the most important and long standing players on Moscow Red Legion, it’s very important Prikhidni is on the field. That’s why it was such horrible news for Legion fans to hear about his partial Achilles tendon tear that happen during a point in Riverside. He will undergo surgery and, most likely a long rehab. He will be sorely missed by the team he has helped win 10 PSP events over the years. He had been playing well before the injury, and was a huge asset to the Legion squad.

#4  Jacob Edwards – Houston Heat

Points played: 28    Points Won: 18      Win Percentage: 64.29%

Coming over from the team who raised him up, Tampa Bay Damage, mid season, young killer Jacob Edwards is has been a bit hot and cold for his new team Houston Heat. Heat won Chicago, but then lost a close heartbreaker in the semis at Riverside two week ago. Edwards is only 18 and he’s already a force, so there’s no reason to think he won’t continue to do work for Heat, or any team he play for in the future. One thing is certain: he is no longer just Jason Edwards’ younger brother, he’s a great player in his own right.

#5  Kevin Coulm – Moscow Red Legion

Points played: 30  Points Won: 19      Win Percentage: 63.33%

Heading into the season, Moscow Red Legion was forced to replace their first attackers on the snake side. After four events, it appears young Frenchman Kevin Coulm has become their go to snake player, though they’ve run a few other guys in this spot as well who have contributed. What makes this remarkable is that Coulm is in his rookie season. It’s very hard to come into the PSP and shine in your first season, and though his game is far from perfect, he is looking very calm and controlled as he gets more reps. This kid has a big upside; if he’s already doing this well in his first big year, he could have a great career in front of him.

Now, let’s take a look at the numbers in the Win Rating category for the season so far. Ryan Greenspan, unsurprisingly, is at the top of the list, even though Dynasty wasn’t able to make it past the prelims for the first time this season, he is still at the top of the Win Rating leader board for the year. Dynasty has two other players in the top five as well, with Kyle Spicka coming in 3rd and Oliver Lang 4th. Dave Bains is ranked 5th, and he helped Impact win a lot of points by destroying opponents off the break at the last event, where they took 2nd.

2013 Win Rating Leaders

#1  Ryan Greenspan – San Diego Dynasty

Points played: 133      Points Won: 86     Win Percentage: 64.66%

 #2  Jacob Edwards – Houston Heat

Points played: 110     Points Won: 70      Win Percentage: 63.64%

 #3  Kyle Spicka – San Diego Dynasty

Points played: 101    Points Won:  64      Win Percentage: 63.37%

 #4  Oliver Lang – San Diego Dynasty

Points played: 111    Points Won: 70      Win Percentage: 63.06%

 #5  Dave Bains – Edmonton Impact  

Points played: 108     Points Won: 68      Win Percentage: 62.96%

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