2013 PSP World Cup Layout Released

The time has finally arrived for thousands of paintball enthusiasts from around the world to lay their eyes upon what will become the most practiced field layout in the World for the month of October.  Here are three views of the Field Layout for the 2013 PSP World Cup.  For more information on the sport’s finest event of the year, click here.  Best of luck to all competitors from around the globe!

Here is an interactive field map: click it with your mouse, spin around the field and check out angles until your heart’s content.


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  • Lionheart

    Domination by the snake !

  • Steviepac

    The snake corner towers are very good for controlling the inside (echo, dorito can, dorito corner)

    today at the field, all solid attacks came from putting in the dorito side from the snake corners then sneaking up the middle.

  • jalenpaintball

    this is cool

  • jalenpaintball

    I am a person who likes to play snake side of the filed myself and i like the dorito side also
    hopefully huston heat makes it to the championship next year