World Champions – San Antonio X-Factor

World Champions – San Antonio X-Factor

The end of the season haze hits, what to do now, where do we go from here? Questions land heavy as you drive away from the event, as the plane rumbles into the sky, when you get home, pull into your driveway, and put your gear away for the last time, getting settled back into the swing of normal life.

The baby cries, there are holidays to plan for, the in-laws are coming soon, your friends call, your regimen is there, slightly comforting, slightly rubbing you raw. The release of the gunfight, the thrill of the game, will be put on hold for a while.

A whole season of struggle is there to dissect and pore over. Conclusions will be reached, and as they are, more questions will present themselves– who needs to go, who need to get picked up, what needs to change, what do we need to work on to win, to get better? For most of the 400 teams who took the field at the PSP World Cup, it will be a long off-season of “what ifs”. What if I had made that move sooner, what if I hadn’t lost that crucial gunfight, what if, what if, that damned omnipresent, overwhelming, what if?

For the players on San Antonio X-Factor the rest will be well deserved, and the questions less daunting. They have taken a gigantic gorilla off their backs—they are the 2013 World Cup Champions. It’s a defining moment for any player, any team, but especially for the players who comprise X-Factor.

They took third at this event last year, and throughout this season they were plagued by penalties, with a hint of underperformance. But they hit World Cup as hard as they could, rose to the occasion, defeated titans and in the process proved to the paintball world they were titans themselves.

They’ve won big events before, they’ve won a PSP event before, but ask any of them and, to a man, this will be their proudest moment. Why? It’s their first World Cup victory. Because it’s redemption. It’s proof to the world they were right. It’s the first big PSP event they’ve won since late June 2007, 6 1/2 years ago. It’s the end of one journey and the start of another one.

At PBA, the off-season will be spent asking players from all divisional levels about those what ifs, looking back at the amazing 2013 season, and looking forward to next year’s fight.

We’ll have interviews coming from X-Factor, and the Divisional winners, in the next couple of weeks, as well as the leaders from all the stat categories coming soon. Stay with us, share our content, help us move the sport forward.

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  • Mike

    Congrats X-Factor. I was hoping Impact would win, but X-Factor really deserved that win. On another note, PSP had the relegation games again this event. I somewhat wish that they had actually had all the pros from both divisions play each other again to determine div placement like they did at the start of this year.