Best Divisional Games to watch from the PSP World Cup

All the games played on the Champions field at the 2013 PSP World Cup are now On Demand for your viewing pleasure. Check out the best teams playing against each other in the world’s biggest paintball tournament.

Here are the PBA staff picks for the two best Divisional games from the PSP World Cup during finals on Sunday afternoon. Enjoy and share!

Divisional Finals
Division 4

Houston Zone vs. Detroit Action
Very rarely do you get to see a game come down to 1 on 1 shootouts because only on Sunday’s does a tie after an Overtime period result in this outcome. This is exactly what happened when Zone played Action, and it’s only the second time all year we were able to see this tense moment. This game was close, and the 1 on 1’s that earned Zone the World Cup victory were fun to watch. Check it out.

Division 2

DC Devastation vs. Hustle
DC Devastation won the title and the World Cup, a very rare feat. Look for them to bump up to Division 1 next season. These two teams aren’t strangers to playing for the win on Sunday. The game initially looked to be going Devastation’s way, until Hustle rallied back. It was a back and forth match, and a dramatic way for Devastation to win the title.

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