Best Games to watch from the PSP World Cup

All the games played on the Champions field at the 2013 PSP World Cup are now on Demand for your viewing pleasure.  Check out the best teams playing against each other in the world’s biggest paintball tournament.

Here are the PBA staff picks for the best games of the PSP World Cup during the prelims on Friday and Saturday. Enjoy and share!

We’ll have the staff’s pick from Sunday’s competition tomorrow.


Houston Heat vs. Upton 187 Crew
Houston Heat was the defending 2012 World Champions and they had won 4 of 9 events, including the Chicago Open this season, as they headed into World Cup to defend their title. Upton 187 Crew came into the pro league last year with mixed results, and spent this season moving up and down between the Champion and Challengers Divisions. This game was close, and very fun to watch.

Tampa Bay Damage vs. Los Angeles Infamous
Tampa Bay Damage came into the World Cup as one of the favorites to win the event; they had beat Impact at the West Coast Open just two months prior to this tournament. Infamous was a team fighting for relevance in the Champions league, after having to play their fair share of relegation games this season. But even though they didn’t do as well as their stellar line up would indicate, they still have the ability to win events; they are one of only five teams who have won a tournament in the past two years and half years. This was a classic matchup between two of the best teams in the world.


Moscow Red Legion vs. Upton 187 Crew
In a huge win for the boys from Upton, 187 crew played a tight game, defeating Moscow Red Legion during the first of Saturday prelim matches. Though Moscow wasn’t able to win any games during the World Cup, this was still an important moment for 187 Crew. They need to be able to beat big name teams in order to build up the confidence needed to compete at the top level of the game consistently.

San Antonio X-Factor vs. Chicago Aftershock
Heading into this game Shock was 0-2 and X-Factor was 1-1. X-Factor went on to win the event and this was a pivotal game for them. Aftershock ended up defeating Upton to during a relegation match Sunday morning to stay in the Champions league for the first event of 2014, and the fact they played such a close match against the team who eventually won the World Title proves they can hang with the best team in paintball. This was gritty win for X-Factor.

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