Jacob Edwards- Interview

PBA was able to check in Jacob Edwards for a quick interview about his move back to Tampa Bay Damage. Here’s what he had to say:


So you’re headed back to the team you started with after just a few events with Heat. What prompted the move back, homesick?

I just missed playing with my brother. Plus I’m going back to school and can’t travel as much as Heat does.


Do you think Heat will survive the off-season? It’s kinda of the elephant in the room at this point, with Art Chaos offering a bunch of dudes spots. Heat could look completely different next year.  

I think they will still be a contending team, they are a well ran organization and very well coached, so they will still be good.


You had problems with playing time that made you leave, have you addressed those issues with Damage management?

I will get playing time.


You won a tournament with Heat in Chicago, so it was a productive year for you and Heat, even though it wasn’t as amazing a year as 2012, but any year where you can win an event is good one. How was your time on Heat, any lessons you feel you learned over there?

I loved playing for them they are all awesome people, I just can’t travel that much and go to school. Plus I want to play with my brother. I guess it was a good year for me with 2 second place finishes, a 1st  place, with a 3rd and a 5th.


What do you think about X-Factor winning the World Cup? They worked hard for that win.

I think it’s about time. They are a very good team, but I think they just don’t adjust to stuff as fast as others. They played very well at Cup, congratulations to them and my old coach Paul Richards


Do you feel your time on Heat helped established you in your own right, instead of just being “Jason Edwards younger brother”? You’ve definitely made a case to be respected on your own merits but what are your thoughts? 

I can’t wait to play with him again, I think we are unstoppable together, and I can’t wait to prove it.


Who do you see as the contenders in 2014?

I think Damage
, Impact, 
Art Chaos, 
and Heat we be the top contenders next season.

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