Sundays Best Games to watch from the PSP World Cup


There were so many great games on Sunday during the World Cup PBA Webcast you should just watch all of them, but here are a few of the very best.

Sacramento XSV vs. Texas Storm
This was one of the most penalty filled games of the year, with swings of momentum back and forth. But even though it wasn’t a very clean match, it was one of the most entertaining games to watch during the event. XVS’s close loss means they will have to start the 2014 season in the Challengers league again, which was heartbreaking for them and their fans. The victory pushed Texas Storm into the Champions league for the first time.

Houston Heat vs. San Antonio X-Factor

Before X-Factor was able to get to the finals, they had to get through the defending champs Houston Heat first. It was also a battle for the title “Best team in Texas”. In a great team effort X-Factor was able to defeat the Heat, a big morale booster that catapulted them into the Finals to play Impact. It also marked the last time the current incarnation of Heat would take the field, as they’ve lost their 3 Russian stars and Jacob Edwards in the past few weeks, and the future of the team is uncertain.

The Finals Game

San Antonio X-Factor vs. Edmonton Impact

The final game is always fun to watch because you get to find out who is going to win the World Title. But this one was made even more exciting because it was so close, the crowd was hyped, and it looked like Impact was going to come back; they had a chance to win the World Cup but let it slip away. X-Factor completed the best tournament they’ve had over six years with a World Cup victory.

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