Top Survivors 2013

Top Survivors 2013  

“Stay alive!” is one of the most often heard mid-game phrases in the sport. Losing players without production is one of the biggest issues for underperforming teams. This year was filled with challenging field layouts and the five players below were the most adept at finding a way to stay alive in order to help their teams.

If you’re getting shot out without shooting anyone, you’re not helping your team win. The Survivability Rating was created to reward the players who are staying alive as much as possible.

Not surprisingly, four of the top five players are listed as Back players. But in the modern game, the differences between Back, Mid, and Front players is not as discernable as they used to be; everyone, any position can end up on the attack or shot out during the start of point.

One team, Edmonton Impact, has three players in the top five. This is interesting because Impact is one of the most aggressive teams in the league.

Here are the top five players in the Survivability statistic after the full 2013 PSP season. The top four are all very close in the standings, with only a little less than 2.5% separating them.

#1 Tim Montressor – Edmonton Impact – Survivability: 85.45%  

Though not as flashy as some of his other Impact teammates, Montressor is very solid, and as the year progressed he was getting lots of reps on a team full of stars. He is also incredibly experienced, and has been playing professional paintball for a decade. His experience is evident by how he reacts to situations mid-game. Impact finished 2nd at the last two events of the year, and they are going to be a big favorite next season, as long as they can keep all their stars healthy.

#2 Josh Ouimet – Edmonton Impact – Survivability: 85.04%  

Ouimet may be listed as a back player, but he isn’t scared to get up the field and mix it up. Quiet compared to his more vocal teammates, Ouimet has been an important role player on Impact for years. He battled an injury this year, but should be back at full strength next season. Ouimet is a great asset to Impact, and more people should know his name.

#3 Glenn Takemoto – San Diego Dynasty – Survivability: 83.20%   

Takemoto has been a rock for every team he’s played on, whether it’s Avalanche back in day, or XSV, and for the past half decade, Dynasty. Takemoto makes few mistakes, and is great in different situations. He’s one of the more solid players on a team full of solid players, and his appearance on this list should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been a fan of the game for awhile. Glenn had more playing time than anyone else in the top five.

#4 Zach Yachimec – Edmonton Impact – Survivability: 83.04%   

Zach is the older of the two Yachimec brothers, and both he and his brothers really had a great year. Zach cut his teeth playing with Dynasty for a brief stint years ago, before the rise of Impact, and he’s really evolved into a standout player. The best thing about the Yachimecs is they are still getting better and more consistent year after year. Zach is poised to be a big killer for Impact in 2014.

#5 Denis Golev – Moscow Red Legion – Survivability: 79.81%  

Moscow Red Legion had their toughest year ever in the PSP, as they’ve had to rebuild after the loss of long time core killers for the past seasons. One of the players they are going to need to perform moving forward is Denis Golev. If Golev could be a little more consistent, he could be a star for them. Moscow will to fighting to get out of the Challengers Division at the first event of 2014.

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