Podcast #054: Demetri Ninios PBA Peoples Choice Rookie of the Year

PaintballAccess.com – #054 The Real Deal Podcast with Matty Marshall - Demetri Ninios PBA Peoples Choice Rookie of the Year


Demetri Ninios, from World Champs San Antonio X-Factor just won the 2013 PBA People’s Choice Rookie of the Year Award and we had a chance to interview him for our Podcast, check it out on Paintballaccess.com and subscribe to the Real Deal podcast on iTunes.

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  • trevor

    i don’t get this. didn’t this guy finish 70 something overall while blake yarber and and that guy from legion finished in the top 20? what a crock of bs. no offense to this guy though.

  • google

    with so many damn penalties he got for xfactor, how the heck did he beat samuelson who was a workhorse for tontons? im from texas and love xfactor but this makes no sense!

  • Screwed

    Plus he didn’t win the poll…..he lost the vote to Luis Munoz. These polls are worthless.

  • I was there lol

    If Ninios didn’t blatantly wipe a hit in front of 30 people at Valken Cup while playing a scrub D4 team I would have more love for him. Say what you want about all Pro’s cheating to win but when you do it against someone ranked multiple divisions beneath you that’s just a person not being able to come to terms with losing.

  • Van

    I think this is crap that our Vote doesn’t count. Why did we vote if it didn’t matter?

  • Fuck you nigga

    You guys are a bunch of cheating bitches. If the poll actually mattered Luis would of won like he SHOULD have

  • Bullshit

    411…..411…..411! Luis Won

  • Jeremy Provost

    Would anyone from PBA care to address the ‘issue’ of whether Luis or Demitri won?

  • Rigged??

    But he didn’t win the vote on the poll? He wasn’t winning when the poll closed, he didn’t win when you look at the results now.

  • Paintball Access

    We ended the voting Friday at 5pm PST, the poll did not close till a few days later. To view the results go to our facebook page

  • Mike

    It’s easy to work hard at paintball when you’re a rich kid. I respect what he did regardless, I just wish I would be in the same situation as him.

  • B

    Why wasn’t Keith Devit not on the poll?