Houston Heat Practice Report

A new Series coming from Paintball Access, that gives you an inside look into a professional teams practice. PBA stops by Camp Pendleton Paintball Park for a raw look behind the scenes at one of the best teams in the game. Heat was at the tail end of a week long practice grind, where new Heat players Thomas Taylor, Tim Montressor, Greg Siewers, and Ryan Moorhead, worked with the Heat veterans, to build a new version of the World Championship team. With the 2014 PSP season 6 weeks away, Matty Marshall talks to a few of Heat’s players to get their thoughts on the team and the upcoming season.
Stay tuned for more episodes from other pro teams.

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  • Anonymous.

    The only thing I don’t like about this video is the consistency of masks being taken off as soon as the point finishes. I think this is a bad example for younger players who may not have as much experience. I do often see this at local fields, and I think it’s a bad trend.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah that bugged me unfortunately a little too, otherwise the whole thing is really cool to see

  • ana

    this is a closed practice filled with season pr veterans, and they are well aware of the safety measures of paintball, so its not like there is new kids who are coming on to the field after they are done with a point, there is most likely no youth around watching the practice so i think the both of you are over reacting a little bit

  • Thomas Romay

    I really enjoyed this video. The candid discussion and getting in closer with the players is awesome. Keep this format!!