Ryan’s Travels (Indonesia, S. Africa, Tahiti)

Over a one month span I was fortunate to visit three countries on three different continents and have a lot of fun with the local inhabitants! Generally my trips include two or more airports, a hotel and a paintball field. During the off season I was able to piggy back a couple of interesting travels onto paintball events. This video is a mash up of my trip to the Gili Islands with Alex Fraige and Oliver Land, South Africa with Steve Nabi and Ryan Smith and then a visit with a friend to Tahiti. I am planning to release more, in-depth, features of my travels with commentary and a story line. This is just the first of many to come and the travels will get more and more fun along the way and I will incorporate much more paintball into the others! Enjoy my Life Aquatic adventures with sharks, rays, turtles, giraffes and lions!! Music by Vokab Kompany

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  • KelvinT

    Freaking awesome!! All from Paintball !! Looks like you guys had a blast!