The Rookie – Part 2 – “Not Mentally Beat Yet”

The Rookie, a short documentary, following an aspiring professional paintball player Omeed Azmoudeh, is causing quite a buzz among the professional paintball community. A full-time student at Southwestern University, The Rookie follows Omeed Azmoudeh and his journey just two weeks prior to his first professional event at Mid-Atlantic Open in Maryland. Shown through the eyes of this up and coming player, the film highlights Omeed’s struggles of balancing school, training and going through the “grind” while helping to grow the paintball movement. Omeed says, “The opportunities presented to me in the world of professional paintball have been amazing. Capturing this time in my life is exciting and an absolute blessing. I’m excited to see the premier of the film!” Having only competed in division 4 competitions prior to going pro, Omeed’s strength and determination sets him apart.

Produced by The Pure Production and directed by Sina Azmoudeh, this documentary has been submitted for best short film at the 2014-2015 Dallas Film Festival. Sina comments, “I’m very excited to share the experiences, emotions and triumph that The Rookie brings to the paintball community. A sport that grows internally among a thriving community, I hope this film helps in the process of expanding the movement.”

The Rookie also features the Texas Storm team and is filmed in Texas, Maryland, Illinois, California and Florida. For more information about this film, please contact Sina Azmoudeh at

Release Schedule:
Part 1 – Jan 6, 2014 – Intro & MAO
Part 2 – Jan 13, 2014 – Chicago & West Coast Open
Part 3 – Jan 20, 2014 – World Cup

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    Great vid!