Podcast #059: Azmoudeh brothers from The Rookie


The Azmoudeh brothers, Sina and Omeed, join Matty to discuss their new film “The Rookie”, a look at Omeed’s first year in the PSP pro division, which has been accepted into the Dallas Film Festival. They talk about the hardships of the creative process, the history of Paintball on TV, how the film came together, and what paintball needs in order to continue its move forward.

The Rookie – Part 1 – “A Tall Order”

The Rookie – Part 2 – “Not Mentally Beat Yet”

The Rookie – Part 3 – “Swagger In Your Step”

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  • jk;aldf

    Who’s playing poker?

  • theo715

    Id LOVE to see a team or a few players reality footage kinda thing like you talked about with the ufc. See how the pros live and the everyday grind that people dont understand they go through. Id watch it for sure!